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Wang Dazhi took Ying Bao from Fang Xiaocheng as the little girl rested her head on his shoulder.

Xu Xiyan let out a sigh of relief and thanked God that her best friend was a genius.

Huo Jingtang also did the same as he realized the kid was not Huo Yunshen’s.

“I see, then I’m off to meet my friend,” Huo Jingtang said.

Huo Yunshen nodded, and they left the karaoke center.

“We’ll bring Ying Bao home, be careful on your way back and call me if anything happens,” Fang Xiaocheng said, as she knew that Xu Xiyan had a press release the next day.

“Here, take my car,” Xu Xiyan said as she handed Fang Xiaocheng the keys to the Porsche.

After the Porsche had left, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen went to the van.

Finally, Huo Yunshen had some alone time with Xu Xiyan.

“Are you prepared for the press release tomorrow?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“I’m not sure what should I prepare, my manager should take care of everything,” Xu Xiyan replied.

“I see,” Huo Yunshen nodded as he was relieved to be relying on Xiao Yuqian.

“Oh right!’ Xu Xiyan suddenly shouted happily. “Mr. Huo, do you know who my manager is?”

“Who?” Huo Yunshen acted innocent.

“It’s Xiao Yuqian! Do you know her? She was one of the top managers a few years ago!” Xu Xiyan said, leaving out the fact that she’d known Xiao Yuqian since she was little.

“Yeah, I’ve heard of her.” Huo Yunshen actually was very close with Xiao Yuqian since they’d gotten to know each other five years ago in another country.

“Jingyue Entertainment is treating me so well!” Xu Xiyan said as her beautiful eyes shone bright. “I would have never thought that they would ask Xiao Yuqian to come back to be my manager and take over the company.”

“Your boss must have good insight,” Huo Yunshen smiled.

“Yup,” Xu Xiyan agreed. “Our secret boss sure is something.”

Huo Yunshen was brimming from the praise Xu Xiyan gave. He suddenly thought of the song they had sung together and said, “You know, you have an amazing voice, too.”

“Really?” Xu Xiyan smiled brightly. “I’m honored to be praised by the number one artist.”

“Can I ask you to be my female counterpart for a duet song in the future?” Huo Yunshen asked. He had been holding the question in for quite some time.

“I’d be happy to!” Xu Xiyan was honored by his invitation and almost cried from it. “It will be my pleasure!”

“It’s a promise!”

Xu Xiyan suddenly remembered the song that Huang Guoqiang had asked Huo Yunshen to compose and asked, “How’s the thing with the theme song that Huang Guoqiang requested that you do?”

“I’m done with the music, but I’m stuck with the lyrics. Classics aren’t my forte.” Huo Yunshen sighed as he flicked the hair on his forehead like he always did when he was down.

“Can you show me the music?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Sure thing.” Huo Yunshen took out the music score and showed it to Xu Xiyan.

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