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Since Chu Yuhe had become the subject of the topic, Xu Xiyan was not going to let go of a chance to discredit him.

Since you smeared my image, now it’s time for you to have a taste of your own medicine.

I have nothing to fear compared to you anyways.

“Since all of you are curious, I might as well provide an exposé. In fact, there was not much conflict between Mr. Chu and me. However, right in the beginning, before I joined the production team, he wanted to me to sleep with him, but I refused.”

No sign of fabrication could be seen on Xu Xiyan’s sincere face.

Upon hearing about the relation between Xu Xiyan and Chu Yuhe, the reporters were excited. “Could you continue describing the process of how Mr. Chu made his move on you?”

Xu Xiyan thought for a bit and said, “About a month or so before, he met me at a room at Silver Cabinet KTV. He said that if I was willing to be his woman, he would provide me with the best resources. I could be a celebrity even more famous than Xu Xinrou, he said, and then he started being hanky-panky with me. But I hated his immoral and dishonest behavior. I rejected him and gifted him a wine bottle. I guess he must have had a grudge from that day onwards.”

Xu Xiyan had deliberately mentioned Xu Xinrou in the matter, just to see what her reaction would be when she saw the day’s news.

From Xu Xiyan’s description, many reporters were enlightened. “I remember now… someone had reported that Mr. Chu was injured at the Silver Cabinet. So it was you!”

As the word got out, the crowd was bustling with discussion. A reporter who had reported at the scene said, “That’s right, I reported it! That evening at the Silver Cabinet, Mr. Chu’s bum was bleeding profusely, and the wound had been made by a wine bottle!”

“So, Mr. Chu got injured because he wanted Jing Xi to sleep with him. To think that he actually said it was a result of saving someone from injustice and distress. That’s so funny!”

“How could he admit that he was doing some hanky-panky, of course he had to cover it up!”

“This must be it! He failed in making his move on Jing XI and even got injured, so he bore a grudge and deliberately made things difficult for Jing Xi, leading to her shock.”

“No wonder he’s seeking revenge and smearing her image!”

The reporters were all engaging in small discussions. They finally knew the truth and reasons leading to the whole matter. A reporter did not forget to ask, “Jing Xi, you used a bottle to stab him, isn’t that intentional injury?”

Xu Xiyan knew someone was going to ask that. She smiled and explained, “It was justified self-defense to protect myself. If it was intentional injury, why didn’t Chu Yuhe report it to the police?”

The reporter was stumped. She’s right! Chu Yuhe did not dare to report it to the police because it was disgraceful. He was guilty.

Some reporters felt that Xu Xiyan was fearless because she was a greenhorn, some felt that she was too naïve.

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