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He finally knew why Huo Yunshen only loved Jing Xi!

This woman was not as simple as she looked. She had a more wicked side underneath that kind face, and it was difficult to tell her gender as she had both the qualities of a man and a woman. How interesting, how intriguing.

However, Huo Jingtang would not do anything to her for the time being. After all, his goal was to acquire Xue Yating. He was the kind of person who would dedicate his life to his career and make his goals very clear.

He wanted to marry Xue Yating and make an alliance with the Xue family. He believed that it would help him inherit the Huo family business.

As for women, Huo Jingtang had never had a lack of them and they were like clothes to him. He could have as many of them as he wanted with a wave of a hand. He was not going to have his plans ruined just because of Jing Xi.

Huo Jingtang looked her up and down intently. Then he released her.

After she was freed, Xu Xiyan immediately moved away and kept a distance from Huo Jingtang, proceeding to explain.

“Vice president Huo, I really didn’t know that you and Miss Xue had a date here tonight. As for ruining your date, I really don’t know how it happened. But if Miss Xue likes you, I’m sure that no one else could win her over. Also, not to mention that I’m only just a woman!”

Xu Xiyan’s implications were clear. If Xue Yating did not like Huo Jingtang, Huo Jingtang would still gain nothing even if he had Xu Xiyan murdered. The problem came from himself!

“You seem to know the situation well.”

Huo Jingtang furrowed his brow, a dangerous look in his eyes. The tone in his voice became a little threatening, “I only have one request. Explain your true identity to Xue Yating so she will give you up.”

“No problem,” Xu Xiyan readily agreed. She had a strong feeling that Huo Jingtang was an extremely dangerous man. If she did not do what he had asked, she could not imagine what kind of unthinkable things he would do to her.

“Good, you can go now.”

Huo Jingtang moved aside and gave her a way out. Xu Xiyan seized the opportunity and escaped from the restroom.

Outside the restroom, she patted her chest with relief. That was close. She was lucky that Huo Jingtang hadn’t assaulted her in that way. Otherwise, she might not have escaped today.

Wan Dou, who had been waiting for her outside the door, finally saw her come out. She moved towards her and pulled her arm. “Xi brother, I was wondering if you fell into the toilet! What took you so long?”

Xu Xiyan smiled and made an excuse. “I was a bit constipated.”

“Constipation? You should drink more honey water, it’s effective in treating constipation.” Wan Dou had believed her words.

“Sure, I’ll try it when I get home.”

Xu Xiyan and Wan Dou returned to their private dining room. The two who had remained there were still silent, ignoring each other. It looked like they had not spoken a single word to each other.

Xu Xiyan u

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