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Finally, the day for those two assholes to suffer has come! Xu Xiyan laughed in her heart.

News regarding Chu Yuhe and Xu Xinrou should have been enough to cover the scandal.

This feels so good!

This should be enough to disgust them for three long years.

Ever since the press release at Jingyue Entertainment, reporters had shifted their attention to Juxing Entertainment. They gathered outside the company’s building, waiting for Chu Yuhe to come out.

Because of the new information that came out during the press release, the winds had clearly shifted.

First of all, Ma Haodong’s fans began to realize they had wronged Xu Xiyan. They felt responsible for taunting Xu Xiyan.

Most of the fans had left comments on Xu Xiyan’s account apologizing for their misbehavior.

[Jing Xi, I’m sorry for misunderstanding you.]

[I’m sorry for all the bad things I called you.]

[Seeing you say that you would risk your life to repay Xiao Ma for saving you, I’m really touched.]

[You know, you and Xiao Ma are actually kind of well suited for each other. If you two were in a relationship, I’d definitely support it.]

Not only had the fans changed their opinions, but normal netizens had too.

[I hated you at first, but now, I realize you’re kind of cute! I like your sincerity, keep up the good work!]

[Destroying Chu Yuhe’s butt, that’s some good work! Well done!]

[Xixi, please let me call you that. I’m 100% your fan now!]

[Yeah, same here!]

[Jing Xi, waiting for your new work!]

[I think she’s beautiful! Maybe she’s mixed or something. She prettier than the A-list actress, anyone with me?]

[I’m with you. She’s really pretty.]

Xu Xiyan had finally gotten out of the scandal, but Chu Yuhe’s nightmare had just started.

He had been trying his best to avoid the paparazzi whenever he went in or out of his company’s building. His company’s employee and celebrities had also been talking about him, especially his butt.

Other than that, Chu Yuhe’s scandal had caused Juxing Entertainment’s stock to plummet. The shareholders had begun questioning Chu Yuhe.

“Mr. Chu, how are you suppose to lead Juxing with your stubbornness?”

“Mr. Chu, shouldn’t you give us an explanation? Are you going to evade the reporters forever?”

“Mr. Chu, are you making fun of us?”

The shareholders all wanted Chu Yuhe to make a press release and retain Juxing Entertainment’s position in the entertainment business. Yet Chu Yuhe remained silent as he avoided the press. His attitude made the shareholders furious.

Chu Yuhe stood in the meeting room as his heart raced, even though he acted like he was normal.

“Everyone, please, give me some more time,” Chu Yuhe said. “I’ll handle this. I’m sorry for causing all the losses. I promise all of you that our profit will double when the year-end comes.”

With his promises, the shareholders didn’t pursue it any further. In truth, they didn’t min

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