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No one had thought that Xu Xiyan would look that good when she disguised herself as a man. It wasn’t that K-pop star look, but a manly-man look.

“Let’s get going,” Xu Xiyan said with a smile.

Just as the time before, Xiao Yuqian, Xu Xiyan, Wan Dou and Ma Haodong all headed to Memory for dinner.

Memory was famous for its dining atmosphere. It also offered the best service available, suitable for couples or friends.

The lighting was soft and the music calming, and an attractive woman sat at the table next to the window.

It was Xue Yating, wearing an elegant black dress. She’d been waiting at the reserved table since 6:50 PM.

Huo Sanyan was hiding in a dark corner where she was able to peek through the window, just like the paparazzi she used to be a part of.

She’d been sent by her family to check if Huo Yunshen had made it to the date, and had been asked report to them how Huo Yunshen and Xue Yating acted that night.

After a few minutes, a big, tall man in a suit appeared and sat across from Xue Yating.

Huo Sanyan peeked with her binoculars and couldn’t help but shriek, “Why is brother Jingtang here?”

Where is Huo Yunshen?

Where’s my little brother?

Don’t tell me… Did he bail again and give the date to Huo Jingtang?

Xue Yating raised her head and noticed it was not the person she’d been waiting for.

“Huo Jingtang? Why are you here?” Xue Yating asked in surprise.

“Is there anything wrong with me being here?” Huo Jingtang asked, looking at Xue Yating with his deep dark eyes.

“Did you make a mistake? I was supposed to meet Huo Yunshen tonight…” Xue Yating said. Her father had told her that he’d set up a date between her and Huo Yunshen, yet it was Huo Jingtang who’s showed up, and it made her curious.

“You’re a smart lady, you should be able to tell the difference between Yunshen and me,” Huo Jingtang said. “I’m better than him in every aspect, and together we could do so much more. Why do you have to choose him? Isn’t that a little stupid?”

Even though Huo Jingtang was an elite in handling business, he was an amateur when it came to relationships.

Xue Yating felt a little disgusted from hearing what Huo Jingtang had just said.

“Do you think I’m here to make a deal?” Xue Yating scolded. “Is this how the Huo family is going to treat me? If so, then I’m calling off this date.”

Xue Yating stood up and guided her back as she was about to leave.

Huo Sanyan saw that Xue Yating was leaving and quickly called Huo Yunshen.

“Why the rush?” Huo Jingtang smirked, as he believed that Xue Yating wouldn’t dare to leave. “Are you scared of me? Don’t you want to know why Yunshen wasn’t here?”

“Oh? And why’s that?” Xue Yating asked, sitting back down in her chair.

“It’s simple, really. It’s because you’re not his type,” Huo Jingtang replied. He didn’t even care if Xue Yating misunderstood Huo Yunshen’s intentions, he would even love it if that happened.

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