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Gongzi Yaoye, or rather Xu Xiyan, saw the message and could only stare at it in awe and with mixed feelings.

The timid man had finally asked her to marry him.

Xu Xiyan remembered that she’d ask Yun Qing to marry her character because of a mission. Yun Qing agreed, and they held a huge wedding.

They didn’t know each other behind the screen at that time; it was just a virtual wedding.

Yet, it was different now. He already had a place in her heart. To be able to marry Yun Qing again had different meanings now.

They’d taken a step further into their relationship, and she was happy about it.

But since Yun Qing suddenly asked for a divorce last time and it had hurt her, she did not want to accept Yun Qing’s proposal that easily.

Gongzi Yaoyue jumped off his Kirin and walked up to Yun Qing.

He sent a message to Yun Qing in front of everyone else.

[Are you proposing to me? Why do you think I would accept? Are you regretting your actions? You didn’t even give me a proper reason for ditching me, and now you want me back?]

As soon as the message was sent out, the whole server quieted down. Everyone thought that Gongzi Yaoyue might reject Yun Qing for ditching him last time.

Even Huo Yunshen sat right up and swallowed his saliva.

He’d already regretted what he’d done because what he did made Gongzi Yaoyue lose all his pride.

There was no way that Gongzi Yaoyue would accept.

Just as Huo Yunshen was pondering what to do next, Gongzi Yaoyue typed another message.

[Hahaha! I’m just kidding with you. I’m the one who’s supposed to pop that question, not you. To the most beautiful woman, where your beauty could rival a goddess, Yun Qing, will you marry me?]

Xu Xiyan had not forgotten that she was playing a male character. It was normal for “him” to pop the question.

No one made even the slightest reaction, not even Yun Qing. They’d had no idea what Gongzi Yaoyue was planning, nor did they have any idea that he would be so cute and funny.

Huo Yunshen was totally impressed by Xu Xiyan’s actions.

The worries were instantly gone, and his heart brightened up. It was like he was riding on a roller coaster.

The tides had turned, and it was Gongzi Yaoyue’s turn to ask for marriage.

With the sudden turn of events, the crowd had gone insane as messages flooded the entire server.

[Accept him!]

[Marry him!]

[Or you could marry me…]

The two main characters looked at each other, and Yun Qing typed two words out.

[I do.]

Gongzi Yaoyue grabbed Yun Qing’s hand and jumped onto his Kirin. Both of them rode on the beast and flew straight towards the chapel.

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