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Huo Xun was delightfully amused by her words.

Though the little girl looked small, quiet and well behaved, she was very clever with her words.

Ying Bao promptly picked up the bowl of medicine from the table and said, “If Grandpa takes his medicine obediently, then Grandpa will be able to live to two hundred years old.”


The intelligent little girl made Huo Xun laugh out loud. Where did she learn to persuade like an adult?

Huo Xun watched the child hold up the bowl of medicine unsteadily at him with her little hands and felt sorry for her. He took the bowl from her, tipped his head back and downed all of the medicine in one go.

Even if it was not for himself, he had to do it for his great-granddaughter. He had to work hard to live for a few more days.

After finishing the medicine, Huo Xun scrunched up his brows at its bitter taste.

Ying Bao saw his expression. She cocked her head to the side and asked, “Great-Grandpa, is the medicine very bitter?”

“Yeah, it’s very bitter.”

Ying Bao tucked a hand into her pocket and fished around for something. Then she took out a piece of candy and peeled off its wrapper before handing it to him. “Great-Grandpa, if you eat this, it will get rid of the bitterness. Every time Baby is sick and has to take medicine, Mommy will let Baby eat a piece of candy.”

The little girl was too thoughtful.

It must have been her mother who had taught her so well.

Huo Xun was impressed that the child whom his grandson had hidden from him until today was more considerate and sensible than other children.

He opened his mouth and let his great-granddaughter put the candy in his mouth. “It’s sweet, really sweet. Great-Grandpa can’t feel the bitterness anymore,” he said nodding again and again.

With such a sweet great-granddaughter by his side, how could his life be bitter in the days to come?

“How old are you this year? What’s your name?” Huo Xun asked in a kind voice as he stroked the child’s head.

Ying Bao thumped her chest and introduced herself grandly. “Baby is four years old this year. Baby’s name is Ying Bao, nicknamed Cherry, and on the internet I’m known as Cherry Baby. You can just call me Baby, Great-Grandpa!”

“Ooooh, okay, okay! What a good baby you are!”

The old man was very happy. Despite just having met his great-granddaughter, he was already smothering her with love.

Seeing that Ying Bao had managed to coax his grandfather into taking his medicine, Huo Yunshen felt relieved.

They chatted with the old man for a while until the old man was beginning to feel tired and needed rest. Huo Yunshen let his grandfather have his rest and left the Moxiang Residence with Ying Bao.

While they were on their way through the Huo family mansion garden, Ying Bao looked around before calling out to him, “Daddy?”


Ying Bao flung her arms around Huo Yunshen’s neck and called him again sweetly, “Daddy!”

“Aye,” Huo Yunshen said i

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