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Chapter 451: Very Astonished Translator:Larbre StudioEditor:Larbre Studio

“Do you know that you have a granddaughter now? Open your eyes and look at your eldest granddaughter! See how cute she is!”

The man on the bed did not respond. Ying Bao remembered that she had brought a gift. “Grandma, I’ve brought a gift for Grandpa,” she said.

“Oh? You have a gift for him?” Chen Yunlu asked, pleasantly surprised.

“Please let Baby down.”

Ying Bao got down from Chen Yunlu’s arms. She went over to open her small backpack and pulled out a roll of paper from it.

After that, she climbed up onto the chair and leaned on the bed, holding up the roll of paper. “Grandpa, Baby has brought you a gift! Look!”

Worried that her grandfather could not see her gift, the little girl unrolled the paper and tried her best to hold it out directly in front of him. “Grandpa, Grandpa, look…”

Chen Yunlu realized that the child had drawn a picture for him. It was a childish painting of an old man with a long beard.

“Look, dear, your granddaughter has painted a portrait for you. This is the child’s gift for you, why won’t you open your eyes and see?”

Ying Bao found that she could not wake her grandfather. She turned, asking her grandmother, “Grandma, does Grandpa not like Baby’s gift?”

“No, Grandpa likes it. Wait till Grandpa wakes up and sees it, I’m sure he will love it very much.”

Tears fell from Chen Yunlu’s eyes. In the past few days, her eyes hadn’t been dry at all.

Her husband was still struggling for his life and was on the verge of dying, yet she was powerless to do anything about it. Her anxiety had sapped all of her mental energy.

Now that she had finally found her granddaughter, she really wished that her husband would open his eyes and look at her.

“Don’t cry, Grandma. Baby has a gift for you, too!”

Ying Bao reached out to wipe the tears from Chen Yunlu’s cheeks, then took out something from her little backpack and placed it in Chen Yunlu’s hand.

“What’s this?”

Chen Yunlu looked at the small transparent bottle in her hand. There were some colored beans in it.

“These are happy beans. Mommy said that if you eat happy beans, you will become happy.”

Chen Yunlu’s heart was filled with gratitude. She thanked God for his kindness for granting them such a well-behaved granddaughter.

Also, the child mentioned her “mommy.” Chen Yunlu was curious. What kind of woman was able to give birth to such a cute baby with her son?

“Tell Grandma, who is your mommy?”

Ying Bao had been keeping what her mother had told her firmly in mind—she mustn’t tell anyone who her mother is.

She pursed her lips as she pondered. Instead of answering the question, she unscrewed the cap of the bottle with her small chubby hands and poured one of the beans out.

She put the bean into Chen Yunlu’s mouth and said, “Try one, Grandma. Isn’t it sweet?”

It was the sweet taste of a jelly bean.

Chen Yunlu nodd

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