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Chapter 458: Satisfy Her Wish Translator:Larbre StudioEditor:Larbre Studio

Xu Xiyan only gave a vague answer. After all, it was because of a special situation that Huo Yunshen had brought her back to his house.

“Oh.” Ying Bao puffed out her cheeks, not able to argue with her mother’s answer.

After Xu Xiyan asked about her daughter, she talked with Huo Yunshen about some of his father’s matters.

As they continued chatting, the topic of dinner came up unexpectedly. “I’ll cook tonight. How about we invite Orange and Dazhi over for dinner, too?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Sure,” Huo Yunshen agreed cheerfully.

Under Xu Xiyan’s influence, he agreed that it was a good thing to hang out with friends more often.

He had always been a lone wolf in the past. After his accident, there hadn’t been anyone by his side he could talk to.

Xu Xiyan looked out the window and said, “Mr. Huo, could you tell the driver to stop at the Fresh Hema Supermarket over there? Let’s go and buy some groceries.”

“Sure.” Huo Yunshen immediately ordered the driver to stop.

Before entering the supermarket, all three of them wore flu-masks over their faces.

Ying Bao sat on Huo Yunshen’s lap as usual as he steered his wheelchair into the supermarket. Xu Xiyan pushed a cart as she followed them. They were like a family of three shopping in a supermarket.

Xu Xiyan was the one who mainly decided what to buy.

She was just like a housewife. When selecting items, she would look carefully at the expiration date and the ingredients of each product.

Sometimes she would ask Huo Yunshen’s and Ying Bao’s opinions. She would ask whether they liked eating something or if there was anything they would like to eat. She would also ask whether there was anything else she had forgotten to get.

Ying Bao was being very diligent. She was very busy moving things that her mother wanted to buy from the shelves into the cart.

Later, Huo Yunshen saw that the seafood in the Fresh Hema Supermarket was good and took Ying Bao to the seafood section. “Cherry, do you want to eat lobster?”

Ying Bao looked at the big lobsters through the glass of the tank. There was a big “yes” written in the sparkles of her little eyes as they darted around looking at the lobsters swimming in the tank.

She still remembered that the only time she had eaten a lobster was when she was still back at Estan. It was Uncle Tree-leaf who had taken her to a restaurant to eat a lobster. It was really delicious.

But her mother had said before that lobsters were super expensive.

Ying Bao knew that her mother could not afford lobsters. She pursed her lips for a moment, then said, “Big lobsters are very expensive and it is very tough for Mommy to make money to afford them. It’s okay, Baby doesn’t have to eat big lobsters. Carrots are good enough for Baby. Mommy said that carrots are just as nutritious.”


After listening to these words, Huo Yunshen did not know what to

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