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“Okay, Third Sister, Second Senior, we’ll be waiting to attend your wedding banquet.”

Huo Sanyan gave a radiant smile. “Okie dokey! Who knows? Maybe you might be able to attend both the wedding and the baby shower at the same time.”

Ye Xun: “…”

Damn you, Huo Sanyan. Who does she think she is?

Who the f*ck is going to marry her and have a baby?

After dinner, everyone hung around until it was about eight or nine o’clock at night. Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi had to go home.

After escorting them to the door, Ye Xun volunteered to send Ying Bao home. “Come, Daughter. Daddy will send you home.”

Huo Sanyan didn’t want to miss the party. “Daughter, let Auntie escort you home too.”

“Who is your daughter! Don’t simply call her that!” Ye Xun scowled.

“Well, isn’t your daughter my daughter too? Why does it matter who she follows? Why segregate ourselves so cleanly?”

Huo Sanyan was nonchalant towards the matter. She pulled Ying Bao into her arms and planted kisses on her.

Ye Xun facepalmed: “…”

Oh my god…

He felt that Huo Sanyan was simply the most horrible virus in the world. She was so pervasive that she could forcefully intervene in every part of your life.

“Uncle Tree-leaf, Auntie Three-Eyes, you can go home first. Baby is going to live with Daddy and Mommy, hehe.”

Ye Xun was usually responsible for sending the child back to the Jing family house. But now, after having recognized her real father, it was not surprising that she wanted to live with her parents.

Ye Xun had seen how Xu Xiyan interacted with Huo Yunshen and guessed that their relationship had already been confirmed. Oh well, he could only let them stay together as a family of three.

After all the guests were gone, Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen were the only ones in the house with their daughter.

It was already quite late and Ying Bao was getting sleepy. Xu Xiyan bathed the child before tucking her in bed.

After the child fell asleep, she wheeled Huo Yunshen to the sofa and they discussed his new position in the Huo Group.

Xu Xiyan was more worried about this: “What would your cousin think if he learned about this? Will he think that your grandfather was favoring you? He finally seized power over Yunhai, and if he found out that he had lost the forest for the trees, will he become disgruntled?”

Huo Yunshen had already thought about the matter. “Don’t worry. I used to tolerate him in the past, but now, I won’t anymore. Do you know what my motto is?”

Xu Xiyan shook her head. “What is it?”

“I will not punish anyone unless they attack me first.”

His eyes were sharp as knives. “I’ve already established a line of demarcation between me and Huo Jingtang. If he dares to overstep, I’ll make sure he will suffer his own consequences.”

As he said this, he was exuding a stern air of arrogance and self-confidence.

Xu Xiyan was so smitten by it that she actually went over and sat on his lap and wrapped her a

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