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Chapter 459: Listen To His Wife Translator:Larbre StudioEditor:Larbre Studio

“Mr. Huo, you’re going to spoil the child,” Xu Xiyan said.

“Cherry is such a good girl. I’m willing to let her indulge.”


My God!

How could this man be so stubborn when it comes to pampering people?

In fact, Huo Yunshen was happy to pamper his wife and daughter to the extreme.

The sales assistant was beginning to scoop the lobsters from the tank with a net. He already had four lobsters in a bag before Xu Xiyan quickly stopped him. “Okay, okay, that’s enough. We only need that much. Four is enough.”

The sales assistant had been excited to pack all of the lobsters after the gentleman told him to do so. But now, this lady told him that they only wanted four.

Uncertain what they actually wanted, he asked, “Sir, just four?”

“Four is barely enough. Pack them all up.”

Huo Yunshen decided to buy more so he could rear them at home. Isn’t it great to have fresh lobsters whenever you want?

Oh right, it’s not easy to keep seafood alive. He said again, “Oh, wait! I want to buy the tank, too!”


The sales assistant was dumbstruck. He had never seen anyone shop like that before.

Xu Xiyan smiled at the sales assistant apologetically. “Don’t listen to him. We only need four.”

“Jing Xi, you don’t have to save money for me.”

Huo Yunshen could buy this supermarket if he wanted. Why not a few lobsters?

Xu Xiyan took the bag of lobsters from the sales assistant, then turned and shot him a look. “I know that you have the money, but this is not how you should spend it. I am now your life assistant, and you have to listen to me.”

Well okay. Huo Yunshen decided to listen to his wife.

After they were done with their grocery shopping, they returned to Shengshi Yujing.

Huo Yunshen was given the responsibility of looking after Ying Bao as they watched TV while Xu Xiyan was responsible for preparing dinner.

Not long after, Fang Xiaocheng and Wang Dazhi arrived with some fruit and milk.

After greeting them, Wang Dazhi joined them on the sofa and they watched TV together. Fang Xiaocheng decided to help out in the kitchen.

Before they knew it, dinner was served. The cooked lobsters were also served on the table and the room was overflowing with their aroma.

“Dinner time!” Xu Xiyan shouted towards the living room. Huo Yunshen heard her and took Ying Bao to wash her hands before going to the dining room.

Ying Bao sat in her toddler high chair and saw the steaming red lobsters on the table. She clapped happily. “Oooh! Finally Baby can eat lobster!”

“Dig in then!” Xu Xiyan urged Ying Bao to eat as she picked the lobster meat out of its shell and placed it in Ying Bao’s bowl.

There were five people but only four lobsters. Everyone had one lobster each except for Xu Xiyan.

Ying Bao noticed that her mother had no lobster of her own and asked, “Xi Baby, all of us have lobsters except for yo

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