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Well played, Huo Yunshen. So you’ve been hiding this until today, Huo Jingtang thought.

No wonder he had easily given up Yunhai to him. It turned out that the chips were in his hands all along and for the purpose of securing his position as the Huo family heir.

He had really underestimated Huo Yunshen.

Silently and out of sight, he clenched both of his fists and his teeth tightly, deep hatred flaring in his eyes.

Now that Huo Yunshen has a child, his dream of becoming the family heir was shattered again.

He was not willing to let that happen!

After a few seconds, when the hatred on his face had completely faded, Huo Jingtang stepped forward to them.


Huo Yunshen heard Huo Jingtang’s voice. He stopped playing with Ying Bao and turned his head around.

“I heard that you brought your child back. Is this your daughter? Since when did you have a daughter? Didn’t you say it was only a false scandal?”

Huo Jingtang came closer to him, staring at the child in his arms.

He looked at the child’s facial features carefully. The child looked very familiar, and he had a strong feeling that he had seen her somewhere before.

Huo Yunshen did not answer Huo Jingtang’s question. Instead, he said coldly to him, “Whether it’s true or not, what does it have to do with you?”

The Huo Yunshen meeting up with Huo Jingtang today could no longer share anything with him like he onde did when they were brothers.

He was treating him as an insignificant person in his life.

In Huo Yunshen’s heart, he had already raised a high wall before Huo Jingtang to defend against him.

What does he have to do with anything?

They’ve already made a clean break, anyway.

Huo Jingtang’s face paled. As he was used to putting on an act, he shamelessly said, “I really didn’t think that your daughter was already this old. Yunshen, I really don’t know how you handle matters. How could you hide such an important matter until now?”

They were no longer brothers. Huo Yunshen wondered, where did he find that kind of shameless confidence? Did he think that he would still give him face?

Huo Yunshen had had enough of him. He began to move his wheelchair, intending to leave.

While Huo Jingtang was despising him to death inside, his face was still full of smiles. He stopped Huo Yunshen’s wheelchair, knelt down and clapped his hands, “Baby, do you know what to call me? I am your big uncle. Come, let Uncle give you a hug!”

Huo Jingtang spread out his arms with a kind smile on his face. He wanted to hug the child.

Unfortunately for him, not only did Ying Bao refuse to open her mouth to greet him, but she also burrowed herself deeper into Huo Yunshen’s arms.

Her actions made Huo Jingtang feel very awkward. He was being cold-shouldered by a child.

Irritation began to show on Huo Jingtang’s face. Huo Yunshen explained to him calmly, “The child is timid around strangers. She is not willing to let anyone she do

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