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Chapter 456: Very Good At Charming Girls At Such A Young Age Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

“Daddy, where is the little big brother you told me about?”

Ying Bao had not forgotten that Huo Yunshen had said that he would introduce her to a little big brother and let her play with him.

“You will see him soon.”

Huo Yunshen took his child to look for his nephew, Lu Qiancheng.

Huo Yunshen found Lu Qiancheng in the willow garden of the Huo family mansion. He was playing with another boy called Tang Feimo, who was Tang Yichen’s son.

The two little boys were leaning forward on a stone table, playing a trading card game.

“Chengcheng!” Huo Yunshen called out to his nephew. Lu Qiancheng heard his shout and turned his head around. He saw his uncle coming over with a little girl and opened his eyes wide in surprise.

Not only did Ying Bao see Lu Qiancheng, but she also noticed that Tang Feimo was there.

She did not know who Lu Qiancheng was but she was very familiar with Tang Feimo.

Before Huo Yunshen could introduce them to each other, Ying Bao had already slid down from his lap. She called out as she ran over to them cheerfully, “Feimo!”


Tang Feimo saw Ying Bao was coming and immediately dropped the cards in his hands, then ran over to meet her.

“Hey, Tang Feimo, are you not playing anymore?”

Lu Qiancheng was frustrated at Tang Feimo’s “traitorous behavior.” He was beginning to get into the game but Tang Feimo abandoned it and ran off.

“Cherry, how come you’re here?” Tang Feimo asked, pleasantly surprised.

“I’ve come with my daddy.” Ying Bao turned to look at Huo Yunshen.

“Uncle Huo is your dad?” Tang Feimo was even more surprised.

“Yeah, he is my invincible super daddy,” Ying Bao said as she nodded earnestly, her heart brimming with pride.

Lu Qiancheng heard that the little girl said that Huo Yunshen was her father. Puzzled, he interjected, “He is my uncle. How come he is your father? Who are you? Where did a little radish head like you come from?”

Lu Qiancheng was a tall kid. As he loomed over Ying Bao, he thought Ying Bao looked very short and her legs were short and stubby. She looked just like a radish that could not grow very tall from the earth.

After being called a radish head, Ying Bao became visibly unhappy.

She put her hands on her hips, looked up at him and said, “You are the one who is the radish head! Your whole family is radish heads!”

Lu Qiancheng: “…”

What a fierce little radish head!

Huo Yunshen almost burst into tears laughing when he heard Ying Bao’s words of retaliation.

His daughter was not to be underestimated. Don’t ever think of beating her in a battle of speech!

Seeing that the two were not getting along, Tang Feimo quickly interjected and made introductions, “Lu Qiancheng, let me introduce her to you. She is not a little radish head and her name is Cherry Baby. She is my little wife.”

Ying Bao

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