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Xu Xiyan touched the game icon on her screen and launched The Royal Alliance.

Xu Xiyan logged into the central city and noticed the red service notice kept popping up.

[Rank 1 player, Yun Qing, will be giving out equipment at the Magpie Bridge. Players gathered there will receive a full set of high-rank equipment.]

Xu Xiyan stared at the screen with her mouth wide open. What is Huo Yunshen doing? Giving out equipment to players who gathered at the Magpie Bridge? Does he even know how big the player base is?

Players who were logged into the game had gone insane as soon as they saw the notice.

[World] [Canghai Yimeng]: Seriously? This is insane!

[World] [Shuaide Yizao Hutu]: What the hell? What is happening?

[World] [Xu Mo]: We can get a free set of high-rank equipment at the Magpie Bridge? It’s not a joke, right?

[World] [Badao Xiangtian Xiao]: Who cares! We might as well try our luck!

Even though Xu Xiyan might not have agreed with what Huo Yunshen was doing, she still flew to the Magpie Bridge instantly.

Before her character could even reach the bridge, she could see many players were already gathered around it.

The bridge glowed in rainbow colors and shone brightly.

As she flew closer, she could see the bridge was decorated with flower and rainbow-colored crystals.

It was pretty, as if she was in heaven.

In the middle of the crowd was Yun Qing, sitting on a White Phoenix that was hovering above the bridge.

Yun Qing did not wear her usual white clothes but a red dress, a huge contrast to the Phoenix and flowers around her.

A few players noticed that Gongzi Yaoye was also in the crowd and began to hope for something huge to happen.

Every player knew that Yun Qing and Gongzi Yaoye weren’t a couple anymore. They were wondering if they would fight each other if they met.

They were waiting for the PvP between the two best players, but they were let down.

Suddenly, Magpie’s singing could be heard from above and was played throughout every player’s phone.

Thousands of white Magpie were flying towards the bridge from the southeast.

They began to swirl above the bridge and form a picture.

Or two words to be precise.

[Marry… Me]

The usually quiet Yun Qing suddenly sent out a message through the server.

[Gongzi, are you willing to fight the world with me?]

Yun Qing was asking Gongzi Yaoyue to marry her.

It was at that moment when the crowd realized the motive for Yun Qing to give out equipment. She wanted a huge crowd to witness her proposal.

Confusion was going through every player’s head.

She really puta lot of effort into it, huh? A set of high-rank equipment for players who gathered here?

How rich can Yun Qing be?

Don’t tell me the game belongs to him?

In truth, the company responsible for the game did not belong to Huo Yunshen. But because of the proposal, he’d bought the entire company.

[Marry… Me…]

Are you w

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