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Chapter 520: The Child Is Safe Now

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Huo Yunshen held her hand. He was comforting himself too as he comforted her, “She will be okay, everything will be okay for her. Cherry is a strong child, she will be okay.”

After a while, the nurse who had just left for the blood bank came back. She said to Xu Xiyan and the others, “There is insufficient type A blood in the hospital blood bank. Is anyone here type A blood? Anyone?”

Huo Yunshen thought about his blood type, then immediately raised his hand and said, “Yes! My blood is type A! Use mine!”

As long he could save his daughter, he was willing, even if they need to drain all of his blood.

The nurse asked, “What is your relationship to the patient?”

“I’m her father.”

The nurse shook her head. “Immediate family members are not allowed to transfuse blood. Is there anyone else with type A blood?”

Anyone with medical knowledge would know that a blood transfusion between immediate family members was not allowed as it was prone to cause immune diseases.

The fact that he could not transfuse his blood to Ying Bao and he was unable to help her made Huo Yunshen feel even more anxious and helpless.

Coincidentally, in their group, including the assistants and bodyguards, Ye Xun was the only other one with type A blood besides Huo Yunshen.

“I’m type A and have no kinship with the patient. Take mine!” Ye Xun said, standing up as he volunteered to donate blood.

“Good, come with me now!”

The nurse took Ye Xun to the blood collection room.

“Thank you, Second Senior,” Xu Xiyan thanked him from the bottom of her heart.

Ye Xun looked back and a comforting smile drew across his pale face. “You’re welcome. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything happen to Daughter.”

Xu Xiyan watched Ye Xun walking off determinedly and felt very moved.

Thank you, Second Senior!

She thanked him for his selfless dedication for treating Ying Bao as his own.

Xu Xiyan would never forget his kindness until the end of her life.

Huo Yunshen was also very grateful to Ye Xun, appreciating everything he had done for Xu Xiyan and the child.

Time passed. They had collected blood from Ye Xun a total of three times. At last, the lights in the emergency room were extinguished.

The doctor came out of the emergency room. Xu Xiyan and the others flocked around him and asked about the child’s situation.

The doctor took off his surgical mask and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Huo, the child is safe now, thanks to the timely delivery of the child to the hospital and the timely provision of the blood plasma. If her treatment had been delayed even for a few seconds, I’m afraid we could not have done anything to save her.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. The child’s life was saved and that was more important than anything else.

“Thank you, thank you, doctor…”

They all thanked the doctor. After that, a nurse wheeled the child ou

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