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Chapter 514: The Child Is In Trouble

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[Xi Baby, Daddy sent someone to pick Baby up, Baby is going home now!]

[Xi Baby, see you tonight!]

From Ying Bao’s messages, it looked like Huo Yunshen had gotten one of his staff members to pick her up. She did not give it much thought, as she thought that her daughter would be safer with Huo Yunshen.

However, barely a few minutes had passed before “Mr. Billion” called her.

“Jing Xi, are you busy? Want to have lunch together?”

“I’m sorry, Director Huang is treating all of us to lunch. We’re now at Tong Fu House!”

“I’m also at Tong Fu House having lunch with Ye Xun. I’m at your 12 o’clock direction.”

Huo Yunshen had happened to see her standing on the second floor, so he called her up.

Xu Xiyan looked across the huge crystal chandelier at the private dining room on the opposite side. Yi Xiao and some men were outside guarding the room. There was someone waving at her behind the window of the room.

Xu Xiyan shifted her gaze towards the window. Not only was Huo Yunshen inside, but Ye Xun was there too.

Ye Xun shot her a cheeky, devious look before giving her a military salute.

Her second senior was there too?

How did he end up having lunch with Huo Yunshen?

Since when did this guy become good bros with Huo Yunshen?

The phone call was still on. Xu Xiyan asked, “Is Cherry with you guys? Where are you guys planning to go after lunch?”

“Hmm?” Huo Yunshen was obviously surprised. “Cherry is not here with me.”


Ying Bao was not with Huo Yunshen?

Xu Xiyan suddenly panicked. “Is she really not with you?”

“No, isn’t Cherry at the Jing family house? I was planning to go pick her up after lunch.”

Ying Bao was not with Huo Yunshen?

She had told her via her smartwatch that her daddy had come to pick her up. What was going on?

A strong ominous premonition flashed across Xu Xiyan’s mind and she felt a bone-chilling fear rising from the soles of her feet. “This is not good… Ying Bao might be in trouble. I have to go now, I need to go back and find her.”

Without saying more, she immediately hung up Huo Yunshen’s call and called Ying Bao on her smartwatch.

While she was waiting for the call to connect, she was already rushing towards the exit of the restaurant.

Huo Yunshen saw Xu Xiyan rushing out of the restaurant. She had told him that Ying Bao might be in trouble so he immediately took off with Ye Xun to catch up with her.

Xu Xiyan wanted to contact Ying Bao to confirm whether she was okay.

However, her smartwatch had been switched off.

If the smartwatch was still turned on, she could still track her with GPS. But since it was turned off, there was nothing she could do.

She decided to call the front desk of Renjing Chinese Medicine Hall but the line was busy. Xu Xiyan then called her grandfather’s mobile phone. There was a long wait before the call con

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