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Chapter 518: Heartbroken

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Though he was able to walk again, it was not a time to celebrate because there was still something more pressing at hand.

He still had to save his daughter.

He had only one strong notion in his heart. He swore that those who dare harm his daughter would be cut into a thousand pieces and burnt into nothing but ashes!

At this moment, Huo Yunshen was surrounded by a dark murderous aura.

Not only did he have firearms, but he was also a very skilled marksman.

The way he had killed the man with his gun was extremely ruthless.

From so far away, he was able to aim at his target’s temples and make a precise kill.


Huo Yunshen made his way to the sea cliff. The first thing he did was cut the rope tying the sack and opened it.

After the sack was completely opened, he saw Ying Bao lying unconscious amidst the stones. The wound on her head was still bleeding, soaking her head and her body with fresh blood. There was so much blood all over her that she was almost unrecognizable.


Huo Yunshen fell to his knees. The pain was so great in his heart that he could not breathe and tears immediately welled up in his eyes.

He was extremely heartbroken to see his daughter cruelly tortured and severely wounded.

Oh, his daughter, his poor child. Do you know that Dad is so heartbroken to see you suffer such torment?


My daughter…

It is Dad’s fault for coming so late…

Huo Yunshen was extremely distraught as he watched his daughter’s blood-stained body.

At this moment, his eyes and heart were filled with great anger, and there was a cold, murderous look in his bloodshot eyes.

If he had not made it in time, the consequences might have been even more unthinkable.

The two men had the audacity to assault a four-year-old child. Not only had they cruelly harmed her, but they had also intended to throw her into the sea.

What kind of grudge did they have which was so great as to make them this perverse?

Huo Yunshen removed the stones that were pinning the child down and tossed them away, then pulled the child’s blood-stained body out of the sack.

He held the child in his arms and pressed his cheek against the child’s forehead, feeling very terrible for her. “Baby, you must hang on. Everything will be okay. Dad will save you.”

He carried the child up from the ground and stood. As he turned around, he saw that Xu Xiyan, Yi Xiao and some men were rushing towards him.

“Ying Bao!”

Xu Xiyan immediately burst into tears when she saw that her daughter was covered in blood. “Ying Bao! Oh, please wake up, Ying Bao! Mommy’s here, open your eyes and look at me!”

Ying Bao was dying. Her blood-soaked head hung down lifelessly from her limp little body.

“I’m sorry, Baby. Mommy has come late for you, I shouldn’t have been late… It’s all Mommy’s fault…”

Her daughter was hurt and b

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