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Chapter 510: Kiss Her Again

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Peng Sicheng had swallowed his pride to beg Qi Liya to get back with him.

Unfortunately for him, he had forgotten that time and distance were sometimes enough to cool the flames of love.

Qi Liya did not want him to touch her. She struggled fiercely to push him away. “Let go of me, Peng Sicheng! It’s over. I’m not foolish enough to give you another chance to hurt me. Let me go!”

“Liya, I’m sorry. I know I was wrong.”

Right after his apology, Peng Sicheng lowered his face towards hers. He was trying to kiss her again.

“Peng Sicheng! You’re out of your mind!”

The smell of alcohol enveloped her. Qi Liya whipped her head to the side to dodge Peng Sicheng’s incoming face. She slapped and pummeled him with her hands, but Peng Sicheng pushed her up against the door. His behavior towards her was becoming increasingly inappropriate.

Peng Sicheng found Qi Liya’s defiant struggling to be inexplicably thrilling. He felt the urge to dominate her. He had been drinking, and the alcohol inside him was like fuel to the fire. He began kissing her neck with feverish excitement.

“Let go of me! Help… someone help me…”

Qi Liya was now scared out of her mind. She shouted desperately for help.


She heard a muffled thud, and the man on top of her suddenly froze. In the next second, Peng Sicheng had released her and collapsed to the floor.

Qi Liya was dumbfounded. She turned and saw Jing Xi, holding a fire extinguisher.

Jing Xi had arrived in the nick of time to save her!

“Ms. Qi, are you okay?”

Upon seeing Peng Sicheng sexually harassing Qi Liya, Xu Xiyan had immediately picked up the fire extinguisher next to her and slammed it against the man’s head.

“I’m okay, I’m fine…”

Qi Liya gasped for breath as she pulled the torn neckline of her dress together.

“I had no idea Director Peng was such a disgusting pig!” Xu Xiyan said with heartfelt revulsion as she kicked the man lying on the floor. He did not move. “Uh-oh, crap, is he dead?”

Xu Xiyan quickly knelt and put a finger under Peng Sicheng’s nose. He was still breathing.

She patted her chest in relief: Thank the gods, he was only unconscious. She hadn’t killed him, just knocked him out.

“What do we do now, Jing Xi?”

Qi Liya had been waiting for Jing Xi to come over so they would be able to go to the police station together.

But Peng Sicheng had suddenly showed up, out of the blue, and disrupted their plans. Qi Liya’s thoughts were in a jumble; she did not know what to do.

Xu Xiyan said to Qi Liya, “Ms. Qi, go get changed. I’ll take care of Director Peng.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

Qi Liya had complete trust in Jing Xi. She hurried back into her apartment and changed her clothes.

Xu Xiyan placed her hands under Peng Sicheng’s arms and dragged him outside, muttering apologies to him along the way: “So sorry, Director Peng. You’ll just

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