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Chapter 504: A Huge Sacrifice

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Xu Xiyan and Xiao Ke leapt into action: they helped Qi Liya change into a beautiful dress, and then put some light makeup on her face.

With their help, Qi Liya was restored to her former beauty: she was once again a resplendent goddess.

Qi Liya held the flower bouquet in her hand as she walked out of the hospital with Huang Guoqiang beside her. Xu Xiyan and Xiao Ke followed behind them.

The four of them had just exited the hospital when suddenly, they found themselves surrounded by reporters. The reporters pointed their cameras at Qi Liya and Huang Guoqiang and snapped away.

Qi Liya had not expected to see so many reporters waiting outside the hospital. She suddenly panicked; she did not know what to do.

She automatically tried to move away from Huang Guoqiang to avoid spreading unnecessary gossip, but the director put his arm firmly around her shoulders and nonchalantly faced the reporter’s cameras.

He gave her a reassuring look and whispered into her ear: “I asked them to come. I want them to be witness to our happiness.”

Qi Liya was so touched by his gesture she found herself unable to speak.

Back when she had been dating Peng Sicheng, Peng Sicheng had concealed their relationship in order to pursue his dream of being a director.

She would never forget how that had felt. She had become Peng Sicheng’s clandestine lover, his dirty little secret. That was when their romance began its downward spiral into disappointment and heartbreak.

Her love for him had eventually turned into overwhelming pain. She had been suffocated by the pressure.

Back then, she had not been able to figure out why Peng Sicheng was reluctant to make their relationship public.

Now she understood: Peng Sicheng had never loved her. He had loved only himself.

The reporters who had heard from Director Huang about the marriage proposal began to ask questions. “Director Huang, is it true that you proposed to Ms. Qi Liya? Did she say yes?”

Huang Guoqiang smiled as he raised Qi Liya’s hand to show the reporters their interlaced fingers—and the large diamond sparkling on Qi Liya’s ring finger.

The reporters were almost blinded by the shiny diamond.

Qi Liya’s fears were unfounded; the reporters did not start asking nasty questions. As soon as they saw that the marriage proposal had been a success, they showered the couple with their sincere blessings.

“Director Huang, congratulations on your successful marriage proposal!”

“When’s the wedding?”

“Will the wedding be held inside the country, or abroad?”

“Qi Liya, will you remain in showbiz now that you’re married?”

Most of the reporters’ questions revolved around their marriage, and Huang Guoqiang took it upon himself to provide simple, concise answers.

Qi Liya stepped forward to answer the question about her career plans post-marriage. “Thank you for your blessings. I

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