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Chapter 509: Harassment

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Qi Liya briefly explained to Xi Xiyan what had happened: Dr. Xia and the nurse who was his accomplice had been murdered.

Previously, when Xu Xiyan first overheard Dr. Xia and the nurse plotting to sabotage Qi Liya, she had deliberately allowed them to carry on with their plan because she wanted to uncover the actual mastermind hiding behind the scenes.

On the day of Qi Liya’s surgery, Dr. Xia had been ready to operate on Qi Liya, confident that no one had caught on to his deceit.

Unfortunately for him, Xu Xiyan had secretly arranged for a few men to hide in the operating room and seize both Dr. Xia and the nurse before they could do anything to Qi Liya.

Qi Liya had not undergone surgery of any kind that day. She had fallen asleep after taking a sleeping pill, and was later told that she had been operated on.

The sham surgery had helped bring Huang Guoqiang and Qi Liya together. Huang Guoqiang had plucked up the courage to propose to Qi Liya, and Qi Liya had seen with her own eyes that the director’s love for her was entirely sincere.

After the proposal, Xu Xiyan had informed the two of them of the truth. She had handed the scheming doctor and the nurse over to Huang Guoqiang, along with the recording of the conversation she had overheard.

But just as Huang Guoqiang was getting ready to personally interrogate the doctor and the nurse, they both had been murdered.

Huang Guoqiang became the primary suspect, and was now in police custody.

“Ms. Qi, don’t worry. I’ll come over to your place now. We’ll discuss this in person.”

This was an unexpected turn of events for Xu Xiyan. She quickly dressed herself and left her apartment.

She was the one person who knew everything that had happened. She hoped she would be able to help prove Huang Guoqiang’s innocence.

Xu Xiyan hurried over to Qi Liya’s apartment. To her surprise, she saw that the man who had just entered the apartment building before her looked very much like Peng Sicheng, the director for “Root of Evil.”

She stealthily followed him, and saw him knocking on the door of Qi Liya’s apartment.

Inside, Qi Liya ran to open the door. She froze when she saw who was on the other side.

She had been expecting Jing Xi, not Peng Sicheng.

She asked warily, “I wasn’t expecting you…why are you here?”

Peng Sicheng frowned slightly. He said testily, “What, am I not welcome here?”

The Qi Liya he knew was a docile and obedient woman who always stayed up to welcome him home no matter how late he returned after drinking with his clients. She lit the night lamps and kept the dinner warm on the table for him.

Back when they had been dating, she had been extremely obliging and eager to please. She had been a faithful puppy at his beck and call.

But that was the old Qi Liya. They had long since broken up, and Qi Liya no longer wanted to have anything to do wit

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