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Chapter 505: His Private Property

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Peng Sicheng paced back and forth, visibly struggling with himself. Finally, he asked, “Were you there when Director Huang proposed?”


Xu Xiyan did not know that Peng Sicheng had once been in a romantic relationship with Qi Liya.

“He proposed for real? And Qi Liya agreed? It isn’t some kind of publicity stunt for her new show?” Peng Sicheng asked all three questions in one breath.

Xu Xiyan laughed. “Oh, you’re so funny, Director Peng. Of course it was a real proposal, and yes, she agreed. It isn’t a publicity stunt.”

Peng Sicheng was now visibly upset. He mumbled to himself, “How did she end up with him? What’s so great about Huang Guoqiang, the old fart? She’s a…”

He wanted to say “she’s a flower stuck onto a pile of cow dung, what a waste,” but managed to stop himself just in time.

All this while, Peng Sicheng had subconsciously considered Qi Liya to be his private property.

He had assumed that there had been zero gossip about Qi Liya’s love life since their breakup because she was still pining over him.

He had assumed that all he had to do was beckon to her, and Qi Liya would happily get back together with him.

But he was sure now that Qi Liya had lost her marbles.

Or perhaps she had agreed to Huang Guoqiang’s proposal simply because she wanted to spite Peng Sicheng.

That had to be the reason. Why would she agree to marry an old fart who was divorced and had a son who was already 17 years old, if she wasn’t trying to spite him?

Xu Xiyan felt that she had to speak up on behalf of Huang Guoqiang. “Director Peng, I think Director Huang is a good man. Do you remember when Huang Yanran, the leading lady in our production, had to take time off? It was a huge problem for you. You asked Director Huang if you could borrow me as a stand-in, remember? And Director Huang agreed to it, just like that. He’s a man you can count on when you have a problem that needs fixing.”

Peng Sicheng: “…”

He felt like he had just been slapped in the face.

He could not come up with a rebuttal because Xu Xiyan was absolutely right.

He had asked to borrow an actor from Huang Guoqiang, and the director had readily agreed. Peng Sicheng was grateful to Huang Guoqiang for that.

But he hadn’t foreseen then that Huang Guoqiang and Qi Liya would eventually end up together.

If he had known that Huang Guoqiang was interested in Qi Liya, he would have chosen to suffer the consequences than ask him for a favor.

Xu Xiyan was completely oblivious to the thoughts racing through Peng Sicheng’s mind. She added, “You should have seen Director Huang. It was a truly touching proposal. If you ask me, I think Qi Liya agreed to marry him because of his incredible, one-of-a-kind charisma. They belong together, he absolutely adores Qi—”

Peng Sicheng did not wait for Xu Xiyan to finish. He waved her away and said irritably

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