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Chapter 519: The Child Is Dying

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Xu Xiyan had only told him on the phone that Ying Bao had fallen unconscious and had to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment immediately, but she had not told him that the child was seriously injured.

She was the precious daughter he had lovingly raised and he had been overprotective of her as if she was a delicate little flower. He could never bear to see harm come to her.

But now, she was hurt and her life was in danger!

Ye Xun felt very guilty. He blamed himself for not accompanying his daughter 24/7 and letting her fall into the hands of criminals.

Ye Xun held onto the child’s little hand, his heart aching as he called out her name. The doctor patted him on the shoulder. “I’m sorry, please let us through. We’re racing against time for her life. If we delay any longer, it may endanger her life.”

Alas, under the doctor’s persuasion, Ye Xun stepped aside. They all waited outside as the child was wheeled into the emergency room.

“Who did it? Why did they want to torture a child?”

Ye Xun was getting angrier. Other than worrying about the child’s condition, he wanted to know who the vicious person was that would not even spare a child.

“One of them is already dead. The other one is still alive, waiting to be interrogated,” Huo Yunshen said, clenching his fists, a murderous look in his eyes.

Judging from the behavior of the kidnappers, these kidnappers were not in for the money.

Why would they want to kill a child for no reason?

This could only mean that they were acting under someone else’s orders.

If he didn’t want to find out who the perpetrator was, he wouldn’t have left one of them alive.

Even if he had obliterated those men, it would still not have been enough to feed his hatred.

“Leave the interrogation to me!”

Ye Xun wanted to interrogate that cruel man personally and then cut him up into pieces.

As long as the picture of the child covered in blood appeared in his mind, he was overcome with self-blame.

Ye Xun clutched his head with his hands in distress. “It’s all my fault. If only I had protected her, she would not have fallen into harm’s way.”

He lowered his hands from his head and punched the wall, bloodying his knuckles.

Then he let go another punch, again and again, staining the white wall with blood.

Xu Xiyan could understand what Ye Xun was feeling. She knew how much he loved Ying Bao, as he had raised her since she was born. Now that the child was injured, he must be blaming everything on himself.

Xu Xiyan could not bear to see him harm himself again and again. She grabbed him from behind and stopped him from punching the wall. “Second Senior, please don’t do this, don’t harm yourself anymore. I don’t blame you, I really don’t. Please don’t blame yourself anymore.”

Huo Yunshen also helped to persuade him, “Ye Xun, it was thanks to your help this time.

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