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Chapter 516: Got Some Leads

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Due to the camera’s distance and the scene taking place at the edge of the camera’s field of view, the person’s face and the license plate number of the car were hardly visible.

The only things that were known were the color of the car and the direction the car had driven off in.

Ye Xun immediately contacted Huo Yunshen to inform him of the newly found clues as he swung back onto his bike. “Boss, I got some leads. It’s a black Toyota MPV, heading east from west of Baima Road.”

Using the newly obtained leads, Huo Yunshen gave an order to contact the transport department, “Contact the transportation department and tell them to monitor all roads and lock onto the suspected vehicle.”

Yi Xiao contacted the transport department. After locking onto the suspected vehicle, the department used an advanced traffic network control system to track the vehicle and send it’s driving route data over to them.

The RV sped off down the road. Huo Yunshen had already given a hard order and mobilized all personnel. They were to capture the vehicle no matter what and ensure the safety of the child.

Now he could only pray for Cherry’s safety.

As time passed, everyone became more and more anxious.

Xu Xiyan’s face hadn’t been dry of tears ever since she’d found out that Ying Bao was lost. She felt extremely terrible and could not stop blaming herself.

“This is all my fault. If only I educated her more often, this would not have happened today. It’s all my fault…”

“Don’t blame yourself, Jing Xi. It has nothing to do with you. I should be the one apologizing. If I hadn’t brought her out in public and caused the scandal, maybe someone wouldn’t have used my name to trick her.”

What was of the use of saying all this right now?

It wouldn’t solve anything if they kept blaming themselves.

“I don’t blame you. I just feel like I’m not a good mother.” Xu Xiyan was saddened that she had not protected her daughter well.

Huo Yunshen squeezed Xu Xiyan’s hand dearly and kept on comforting her. “No, you are a great mother. Don’t be sad, I believe there will be news soon.”

He felt that she had raised her daughter by herself and had educated her so well. Such a good mother like her was rare in this world.

The black suspected vehicle drove out of the city as it continued heading east.

In the back seat of the vehicle, Ying Bao looked out at the environment outside. It was totally different than the usual way home.

Moreover, the scenery outside looked more and more desolate. Far behind, the tall buildings were disappearing in the distance.

She cocked her little head to the side and asked puzzlingly, “Uncle, when can Baby meet Daddy?”

The man with a cold expression on his face said to her, “Soon, you will see him soon.”

“But Baby remembers that this is not the way home.”

“That’s because we’re taking a detour today,

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