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Chapter 512: A Threatened Abortion

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“Okay, but you should take good care of your body now. Mom has stewed some old hen soup for you so you should drink more later to replenish some nutrients. After all, your son is the key to your high status. After marrying into the Huo family, you shall enjoy endless prosperity and riches.”

Su Rui hoped that the child in Xu Xinrou’s belly would be born to become the next heir of the Huo family.

Two days ago, the Huo family’s second master, Huo Lin, came to visit the Xu family to discuss marriage on behalf of his son, Huo Jingtang.

Xu Jinshan and Su Rui had already agreed to the marriage and thus the Huo family began preparations for the wedding.

It wouldn’t be long before her daughter was married into the wealthiest family in Peijing—the Huo family. By then, Su Rui would become the mother-in-law in a wealthy family.

Both mother and daughter decided to go downstairs. As Xu Xinrou got up, she let out a gasp as she felt a sharp pain flaring from her lower abdomen.

“What’s wrong?” Su Rui was alarmed and quickly held Xu Xinrou steady.

“Mom, my stomach hurts. What’s going on…”

Xu Xinrou stood up gingerly. Su Rui looked behind her and let out a scream, “Oh my god! There’s blood!”

If a pregnant woman is bleeding, it is most likely a symptom of a threatened abortion. Su Rui was very experienced in this aspect and immediately got her daughter to lie down. “Quick! Lie down! Don’t move!”

“Mom… I couldn’t be…”

Xu Xinrou was beginning to be worried. She was worried about the child in her belly. What was she going to do if she could not keep the child?

The child was her biggest bargaining chip for her marriage into the Huo family.

“Everything will be okay, just relax. Don’t panic.”

It was impossible for her not to be panicked. “Mom, how did I become like this?”

Xu Xinrou thought that pregnant women were very resilient. She had observed pregnant actresses who still went on with their movies and advertisement acting gigs, as though the children in their stomachs were super babies and they would not die no matter what.

Yet how could this happen when it came to her? She had just gotten pregnant recently, how could she be bleeding already?

“Your situation is very common with pregnant women. It happened to Mom too when Mom was pregnant with you. I had to lie in bed for a few months to recover the fetus in my tummy before giving birth to you. You’re just like me,” Su Rui explained to ease her daughter from worry.

In fact, it was Xu Xinrou who did not know how to take care of her body. After getting pregnant, she was still having sex with Huo Jingtang, causing her fetus in her belly to become unstable.

Xu Xinrou became even more anxious after listening to her mother. “Then, what should I do? I have to go back to the studio to continue filming. I can’t be lying in bed all the time, can I?”

“You’re havin

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