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Chapter 517: Finally Got Rid Of The Wheelchair

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If it was her Daddy, how could he have told his men to come and capture her?

Ying Bao looked around at the desolate surroundings, and then looked at the cold-faced uncle beside her. The more she thought about it, the more scared she felt.

She missed her mother.

She also missed her grandpa.

She wanted to go home.

She glanced at the safety lock on the car door, then quietly reached out with her little hand, flipped the safety lock and unlocked the door.

The strange uncle next to her did not notice her. She opened the door and tried to escape.

However, before her little feet could touch the ground, she was caught by the strange uncle. He pinned her back in the backseat and she could not move.

The man outside was done with his phone call and got into the car. They continued driving for a while until they reached the seaside.

They had come to a rocky sea cliff. It was a no man’s land and there were no signs of civilization.

The strange uncle in the back seat opened the door, preparing to carry Ying Bao out of the car.

Ying Bao took the opportunity to bite the strange uncle hard on his wrist. The pain caused him to release her and she dropped to the ground on her feet and darted off.

“You dare run away?”

She was only four years old. How could her two short legs outrun the two men’s four long legs?

The strange uncle easily caught her within three strides. Ying Bao resisted him, struggling desperately to break free from his grasp.

“You little bastard, I’m going to strangle you if you don’t stay obedient!”

The strange uncle was losing his patience, and the fact that he had just been bitten by her made him even angrier. He gave Ying Bao a few hard slaps on her mouth in anger.

It’s so painful! Ying Bao cried out loud as the man hit her, and her fair little face immediately became red and swollen.

“Bad uncle, you’re all bad uncles…” she sobbed, “I want to go home… I want Mommy…”

The man viciously threatened her, “Damn you, little girl! You’re so noisy! If you continue with your racket, I’ll take your little life!”

“You baddie… I’ll beat you…”

She grabbed a stone from the ground and flung it at the bad uncle, but he kicked her and sent her flying into the air.

Her little body flew for a meter or two before falling heavily onto the ground.

Unfortunately, Ying Bao’s head struck against a rock as she fell. Blood immediately streamed from her head to the ground and she fell unconscious.

The cold-faced man watched the child become motionless as blood flowed out from her head. He said to his partner, “Damn, did I just kick her to death?”

The other man was already taking out some rope and a sack from the trunk. “Even better. We’re supposed to kill her anyway. Put her in the sack!”

The cold-faced man picked Ying Bao up from the ground and put her into the sack. The

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