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“Morning, Wan Dou.”

“Morning, Ms. Jing Xi!” Wan Dou waved her hand in greeting. She quickly added, “Ms. Jing Xi, look, I bought the same bracelet as yours.”

“The same what?”

“You didn’t know? That bracelet on your wrist is now available for purchase on Taobao. They’re selling like hotcakes!”

“Let me see.”

Xu Xiyan was puzzled. She walked a little closer, and saw a bracelet around Wan Dou’s fair wrist. The bracelet had a dice pendant hanging from it, just like her own.

Wan Dou found the Taobao page and showed it to Xu Xiyan. The tags in the product title said “Same design as Jing Xi’s” and other such marketing gimmicks. The bracelets were, as Wan Dou had said, selling like hotcakes.

Xu Xiyan looked at the images in the product description, and saw that some of them were screenshots taken directly from her TV interviews.

She also noticed that the seller had quoted an old poem by the Tang Dynasty poet, Wen Tingjun, in the product description:

“The red dot on the delicate bone dice represents the love I have for you. Do you understand what that feels like?”

This was a love poem describing feelings of love so profound they were deeply embedded in the poet’s bones.

Xu Xiyan looked at the dice around her wrist. She was comparing it with the design on Taobao when it suddenly dawned on her.

If a dice bracelet was supposed to be a metaphor for the yearning between two lovers, did that mean that Huo Yunshen was using this dice to tell her he was always thinking of her?

Oh my god, thought Xu Xiyan. He already gave me a hint a long time ago, but I was too stupid to look under the surface. I wasted so much time!

So what did the bracelet mean?

It meant that Huo Yunshen had fallen for her a long time ago, haha!

Xu Xiyan’s heart swelled with emotion at the thought. She hugged Wan Dou in her excitement. “Thank you, Wan Dou! Thank you!”

She released Wan Dou and ran joyfully towards Xiao Yuqian’s office.

Wan Dou watched her rapidly retreating back. She scratched her head, unable to comprehend why her boss had suddenly thanked her.

Xu Xiyan entered Xiao Yuqian’s office with a radiant smile on her face. Xiao Yuqian gave her a puzzled look as she greeted her. “Yanyan, you look like you’re in high spirits today!”

“That’s right, I’m in a good mood.” Xu Xiyan seated herself before Xiao Yuqian and asked with a smile, “President Xiao, what are we discussing today?”

“You’ve recently been selected as the leading lady for ‘Root of Evil,’ and that helped generate a lot of positive buzz for you. A few companies have asked you to audition for their TV commercials. Take a look, and pick one.”

Xiao Yuqian handed her a file with all the details. Xu Xiyan was very surprised; she had not expected to receive TV commercial offers so soon.

The commercial offers were for a wide range of products: food, sanitary napkins, drinks, and clothing. Some of the offers were better than the others. Xu Xiya

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