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After leaving Jingyue Entertainment, Xu Xiyan headed straight for the set to continue filming.

The shoot in the morning went by without a hitch. She had a working lunch at noon, and once the lunch break was over, it was time for the afternoon’s shoot.

She was in the middle of a take when she heard the wail of an ambulance’s siren from outside the set. Several members of the production crew began to wonder why an ambulance had come.

Someone went out to see what was going on, and returned to say that Qi Liya, the leading lady for “Red Sleeved Beauty,” had been in an accident. Xu Xiyan’s heart sank when she heard the news.

She pressed for more information, and learned that the accident had happened during one of Qi Liya’s wire stunts: she had been suspended in mid-air when the wires suddenly snapped, sending her plummeting to the ground. It had been a nasty fall.

The ambulance had been sent for, and Qi Liya was now on the way to First People’s Hospital.

As soon as she was done filming that afternoon, Xu Xiyan left the set, fully intending to hurry over to the hospital to see Qi Liya.

She walked quickly, and did not notice the puddle on the side of the road—or the minivan that was coming up from behind her.

Splash! The wheels of the minivan ran through the puddle, soaking Xu Xiyan with muddy water.

Xu Xiyan shook off the disgusting water. Temper flaring, she shouted automatically, “Watch where you’re going! What, are you in a hurry to go to hell or something?”

The minivan screeched to a halt. The passenger door slowly opened, and a pair of heels, ten centimeters tall, emerged from the car and made contact with the ground.

Xu Xiyan frowned. What a small world—the minivan that had splashed her was Xu Xinrou’s.

Xu Xinrou’s outfit was elegant and expensive, and her face had been exquisitely made up. She stepped out of the car in her high heels, and stood gracefully before Xu Xiyan.

It was obvious that the public announcement of her romance with Huo Jingtang had boosted her ego: she was practically glowing, and her posture was haughtier than usual.

Xu Xinrou looked Xu Xiyan up and down. A smug smile spread across her face. “Oh my, if it isn’t Jing Xi, the actress rumored to be dating Ni Yun! What happened? You look like you just crawled out of the gutter!”

Her eyes were full of ridicule and disdain. She was implying that Xu Xiyan had deliberately spread the rumors about being in a relationship with Ni Yun to get a leg up in the industry.

Xu Xinrou did not believe for a minute that Xu Xiyan had been awarded the lead role in “Root of Evil” because of her acting skills. Xu Xinrou had helped Yang Qiong spam the poll with fake votes, but had messed up, resulting in Yang Qiong’s disqualification. Xu Xinrou was sure that Xu Xiyan would have never gotten the role had Yang Qiong remained in the running.

Someone—she did not know who— had discovered that the poll results were being manipulated, an

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