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He did not need Tang Yichen’s lame tricks. He was pretty sure those “tricks,” whatever they were, would end up hurting him instead of helping him.

Upon returning to the living room, he found that Xu Xiyan was no longer there. He looked all over for her, and finally heard the sound of running water from the bathroom.

He could see, through the misty glass, the vague outline of Xu Xiyan’s alluring figure. It was like a siren call. Huo Yunshen swallowed heavily as warmth pooled in his lower abdomen.

He had fantasized about throwing her onto a bed and ravishing her so many times now he had lost count.

But alas! The wheelchair got in his way. He could not act out his fantasies so long as he was in it.

The sound of running water stopped, and Huo Yunshen quickly wheeled himself away.

Xu Xiyan walked out of the bathroom and into the living room, drying her hair with a towel. She saw Huo Yunshen sitting in the living room, reading a magazine, and asked, “Mr. Huo, did Ying Bao leave with Feimo already?”

“Yeah.” Huo Yunshen lifted his dark, sultry eyes and stole a glance at Xu Xiyan from over the magazine. He could feel a nosebleed coming on.

Xu Xiyan had just showered, and was now dressed in a thin nightdress with a low neckline. From where he was sitting, he had a clear view of her cleavage.

And—this almost killed him—she wasn’t wearing a bra. He could see the perfect shape of her breasts through the thin fabric of her pajamas. It was too much for him; he suddenly realized he had yet to touch them…

His eyes glazed over. The front of his trousers was becoming a little too tight to be comfortable. Huo Yunshen put down the magazine and extended a hand towards her, “Jing Xi, come here.”

“What’s up, Mr. Huo?”

As soon as Xu Xiyan was near enough, Huo Yunshen seized the opportunity to grab hold of her arm and pull her onto his lap.

Xu Xiyan fell onto his lap. Their eyes locked as the rest of the world dwindled away around them.

Huo Yunshen gently caressed her rosy lips with his calloused fingers. “Isn’t it time for you to stop calling me ‘Mr. Huo?’ I’m sure a lot of people would be confused by it. People might even complain…”

“Who’s been complaining!? Tell them to own up—I’ll beat them half to death!”

Huo Yunshen’s chest rippled with laughter. He tapped her on the nose and said, “Don’t change the subject. Call me something else.”

Xu Xiyan had been so used to calling him “Mr. Huo” she had not given any thought to it.

She found it immensely embarrassing to have to change the way she addressed him now.

What should I call him?

“What do you want me to call you? President Huo?”

“Call me that and I’ll bite you, don’t think I won’t!”

As punishment, he lowered his head and nipped at her delicate collarbone.

Xu Xiyan felt a current run through her whole body. She hunched her shoulders reflexively. “How about I call you Huo Yunshen?”

Huo Yunshen was evidently not satisfied with

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