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Without waiting for Xu Xiyan’s reaction, he added, “Hey, Jing Xi, you two are close. Can you help ask her whether she’s found someone else?”

Ma Haodong suspected there was another man because he had overheard Xiao Yuqian talking on the phone with someone, and whoever it was on the other end had called her “dear.”

Ma Haodong was proud of his manly instincts; they were, in his opinion, as keen as a dog’s sense of smell. His instincts were now urging him to get to the bottom of the matter, ASAP, or risk getting cucked.

“Sure. I’ll help you ask her when I see her next,” Xu Xiyan promised.

“Don’t wait. I’m pretty sure you don’t have any scenes to shoot this afternoon. Go ask her once you’re done here.”

In his current state of insecurity, every passing second felt like an eternity to Ma Haodong. He wished he could whisk Xu Xiyan over to Xiao Yuqian that very minute and get the whole thing sorted out.

“I can’t. I have to go to the hospital, Ms. Qi’s surgery is this afternoon.”

“Do you want me to drive you there?”

“No, I’m good, thanks.”

After wrapping up all her scenes for the day, Xu Xiyan hurried over to the hospital.

The surgery to remove the tumor in Qi Liya’s uterus was scheduled to take place at two o’clock in the afternoon. Xu Xiyan and Xiao Ke, Qi Liya’s assistant, accompanied Qi Liya to the door of the operating room.

Dr. Xia, Qi Liya’s doctor, was already waiting inside the operating room with his surgical team.

Qi Liya was nervous. She grabbed hold of Xu Xiyan’s hand in her panic. Xu Xiyan said soothingly. “Ms. Qi, don’t be afraid. I have it all worked out, everything will be fine.”

Qi Liya had already entered the operating room when Huang Guoqiang finally appeared, drenched in sweat and clutching a bouquet of bright red roses.

He spotted Xu Xiyan and said hastily, “Sorry I’m late, I got caught in traffic. Where’s Little Qi?”

“Ms. Qi is already inside the operating room. Now we’ll just have to wait patiently for her to come out.”

Xu Xiyan looked at the flowers in his hand. She smiled as she said teasingly, “I didn’t expect you to be a romantic, Director Huang. I’m sure this will be a pleasant surprise for Ms. Qi!”

Huang Guoqiang was going to propose to Qi Liya that very day. At that moment, he was as excited as a 20-year-old boy. “I’ll need your help, you cheeky little devil. Help me get her to say yes.”

“I can’t make any guarantees. It all depends on how sincere you are about this, Director Huang.”

“Of course. I’m entirely devoted to her, 200%.”

The two of them exchanged a knowing smile.

Xu Xiyan was rooting for Huang Guoqiang; she wanted to see him win Qi Liya’s heart. If Qi Liya accepted his proposal, Xu Xiyan would be the first to give them her blessings.

They waited for almost three hours before the light above the operating room finally dimmed. The door swung open, and a nurse wheeled Qi Liya out.

Xu Xiyan, Huang Guoqiang, and Xiao Ke immediate

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