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The nurse knew who Qi Liya was, but had referred to her with her bed number in accordance with the hospital’s special privacy protection measures for celebrities. “Ms. Qi, your medical report is out. We would like to ask someone from your family to go over it with the doctor.”

Xu Xiyan asked, “Ms. Qi, is no one from your family around?”

“Xiao Ke looks after me, but she had other things to attend to this afternoon.”

A wounded look passed over Qi Liya’s face, but it was gone before anyone could catch it. She’d had a falling out with her family several years ago, when she had insisted on going to Peijing with Peng Sicheng to further her career, and had not been in contact with her family ever since.

Her assistant, Xiao Ke, was the only one who genuinely cared about her well-being now.

Since there were no family members around, Xu Xiyan decided it was time for her to step up to the plate. She volunteered herself.

“How about this then—I’ll stand in for your family today, and get the report for you. How’s that? Do I have the honor?”

“Thank you, Jing Xi.”

Qi Liya’s heart overflowed with warmth; she had not felt this in a long, long time. She was grateful to Jing Xi for being such a good and sincere friend.

“Everything will be all right. Why don’t you take a nap, Ms. Qi? I’ll be right back.”

Xu Xiyan gave her a small, reassuring smile before following the nurse out the room.

The nurse led Xu Xiyan to the office of Qi Liya’s doctor, who offered the medical report to Xu Xiyan. She read it, and was stunned.

“Doctor, this has to be a mistake. Are you sure about this?”

Xu Xiyan could not believe what she had just read. The results on the report could not be true: Qi Liya had a tumor in her uterus.

She knew now why the nurse had asked for a family member, instead of handing the report to Qi Liya straight away; the nurse was probably worried that Qi Liya would not be able to take the news.

The male doctor pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said gravely, “As you can see, we discovered a tumor in Ms. Qi’s uterus. We decided it would be best to discuss her condition with her family first.”

“Is it benign?”

“I’m sorry to say that the tumor is malignant.”

“What should we do?”

Xu Xiyan’s heart sank like a stone. This was going to be a massive blow to Qi Liya.

“We can perform a surgery and remove the tumor, but if that doesn’t work, we may have to remove her uterus. Time is of the essence. We ask that her family members discuss this with her and try to persuade her to go for the surgery as soon as possible.”

Xu Xiyan reeled at the news; she felt as though her scalp had just burst into flames. What the doctor had just described was the absolute worst-case scenario.

A tumor in the uterus… malignant… may have to remove the entire uterus?

Xu Xiyan’s thoughts were in a jumble. She wanted to ask the doctor: Do you know have any idea what it means for a woman to have he

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