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Xu Xiyan thought for a moment and asked, “I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how much do you love Ms. Qi? Do you like her, or are you hopelessly in love with her?”

Huang Guoqiang was embarrassed by her straightforward question. He scratched his head. “You cheeky girl… how am I supposed to answer something like that?”

“This is very important, Director Huang. If you truly love Ms. Qi, I can help you win her affections. But if you aren’t serious about her, then forget it. See you around.”

Xu Xiyan got to her feet, but Director Huang stopped her. “Hey now, what’s the hurry? I haven’t replied!”

Xu Xiyan returned to her seat. She watched him calmly as she waited for his answer.

If Huang Guoqiang’s love for Qi Liya was sincere, Xu Xiyan was fairly certain she could help bring them together.

Huang Guoqiang’s expression grew solemn. He said earnestly, “I love her with all my heart. In fact, I want to marry her.”

Xu Xiyan let out an inward sigh of relief. She put on a serious face and began describing the grim situation Qi Liya was in. “You love her with all your heart, but I’m afraid things are looking bad for her, Director Huang.”

“What do you mean?”

Huang Guoqiang’s heart constricted when he heard Xu Xiyan say that things were looking bad for Qi Liya.


Xu Xiyan sighed deeply. She checked to see that they were alone, and then told Huang Guoqiang in a hushed voice what Qi Liya’s medical report said.

Huang Guoqiang was stunned. For a long moment he sat there, unable to speak.

After a long silence, he finally recovered himself. His face was full of sorrow; it was obvious that he was worried about Qi Liya’s health.

Xu Xiyan watched his expression carefully as she added, “Director Huang, are you still able to accept Ms. Qi, knowing what she has to face?”

Huang Guoqiang looked at her and said sadly, “Jing Xi, as long as she’s willing to take me for her husband, I will love her and cherish her for the rest of my life. I would never leave her.”

This was true devotion.

Xu Xiyan had been waiting for Huang Guoqiang to say this.

Now the million dollar question was: how was Qi Liya going to react to this heartfelt confession?

Xu Xiyan was kept extremely busy in the following days. Aside from her acting gigs, she performed in a string of concerts, posing as Xue Yating.

The violin performances were a hit. No one in the audience realized that the “Xue Yating” they had come to see was actually Xu Xiyan in disguise. Xue Yating kept to her promise; she wired Xu Xiyan’s share of the profits into her bank account without delay.

Xu Xiyan returned to Peijing to discover that the city was now livelier than usual, thanks to a recent bombshell: word had just got out that Huo Jingtang, vice president of Yunhai Entertainment, and Xu Xinrou, Juxing Entertainment’s top actress, were getting married.

The reporters had snapped photos of the two of them holding hands. Xu Xinrou’s agent

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