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“Of course,” said Huo Yunshen, without a moment’s hesitation.

His darling daughter was going to perform on stage; of course he was going to help cheer her on.

“Okay! I’ll do my best, I won’t disappoint Daddy and Mommy. Go me!”

Ying Bao was in high spirits. She extended a tiny fist and bumped fists with her parents.

The next day, Xu Xiyan, Huo Yunshen, Ye Xun, Fang Xiaocheng, and Wang Dazhi attended the talent show to cheer Ying Bao on.

In order to stay incognito, Huo Yunshen had disguised himself before entering the venue. Nobody recognized him.

For her semi-finals performance, Ying Bao chose the cheerful song “Filastrocche e Tiritere” from Little Choir of Antoniano, the Italian children’s choir.

The dance song Cherry Baby had chosen was extremely upbeat and catchy. The audience was quickly swept up in the song’s cheerful exuberance.

She was just a little girl, but she knew how to dominate the stage and hold her audience captive.

Her choreography with the backup dancers was flawless. By the end of the performance, everyone in the audience was on their feet, clapping to the beat and dancing along.

Cherry Baby was given a high score for her dance performance. She had successfully advanced to the finals.

The male host of the talent show walked onto the stage to interview her. “Cherry, you’re so cute and pretty. Who do you take after? Your mother or your father?”

Ying Bao puffed her tiny chest out and said proudly, “My Mommy said that I look like my Daddy. She says he’s the handsomest man in the whole wide world. I have Daddy’s good genes, so I’m pretty good-looking myself.”

It was a clever answer from the cheeky little girl: she had praised both her father and herself at the same time.

The audience burst into laughter. The host smiled and asked, “Oh Cherry, you’re truly amazing! Can you tell Uncle here what your Daddy does for a living? Does he often play with you?”

The host did not know that Ying Bao had been raised by a single mother. The little girl did not like questions about her father.

She did not want to answer the question, so she deflected by asking the host, “Uncle, why are you always asking me about my Daddy? Are you interested in him?”

“I’m not!” The host shrugged helplessly.

Ying Bao put her hands on her hips and said with a warning look in her eyes, “Uncle, you should give up. My Daddy and Mommy already had me, which means my Daddy isn’t interested in men.”

The host was stunned. It took him a moment to realize that the little 4-year-old girl before him had just implied he was gay.

He laughed so hard he had to wipe away a tear. Suddenly, he put on a serious face and said gravely, “Cherry, my dear girl, you just made a gay man out of me!”

The host’s dead-pan expression was spot on: the contrast between his expression and what he was saying was comedy gold.

After a few seconds of silence, the entire hall erupted into laughter yet again. The special

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