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“I’ll succeed next time.”

Huo Yunshen flipped them around and pressed her into the carpet.

He slipped a hand around the back of her head as he lowered his face to hers and kissed her passionately.

His other hand had moved to the parts he had been fantasizing about. They felt heavenly under his fingers. He wished Xu Xiyan would offer this “reward” all day, every day.

His wish was granted: in the following days, as long as she was back in her house in Peijing, Xu Xiyan offered up all kinds of “benefits” and “rewards” every day. With the help of her persistent seduction, Huo Yunshen’s legs grew stronger with each passing day.

The first step had turned into several steps, and now, Huo Yunshen could walk a few dozen steps on his own. Every new step was a huge improvement.

Xu Xiyan firmly believed that if she continued her “training,” Huo Yunshen would soon be able to free himself from his wheelchair.

It was now the day of the finals for the children’s talent show.

Xu Xiyan found the time in her busy schedule to participate in a parent-child performance with Ying Bao.

The theme they had chosen for their performance was “Frozen.” Xu Xiyan wore Elsa’s sky-blue ice gown, while Ying Bao acted the part of a lively and adorable Anna.

The two of them were so beautiful they looked like they had just walked out of a fairytale.

Elsa and Anna were sisters in the original movie, but Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao had rearranged the story so they were mother and daughter.

In order to keep her identity a secret, Xu Xiyan wore a mask that obscured the upper half of her face.

Their performance included both singing and dancing. To make things more interesting, they had put on roller skates for their choreography, and looked like swans elegantly dancing upon a frozen lake. It was breathtaking.

Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao sang “Let It Go,” the theme song for “Frozen.” Ying Bao’s voice, although childish, was crisp and clear.

Xu Xiyan sang the climax of the song. Everyone in the audience could not help but be moved by her stunning voice.

During the climax of the song and their performance, Xu Xiyan lifted Ying Bao into the air and performed a 20-rotation spin. This was an extremely challenging move, but she pulled it off.

With the final note of the song, mother and daughter struck a pose on the stage. The audience got to their feet and cheered.

The choreography was impeccable, and their lovely singing voices had melted the hearts of everyone in the hall. Ying Bao was awarded the highest score among all the participants; she was the champion of the talent show.

The host who had “turned gay” because of her walked onto the stage to interview her. He asked with a smile, “Cherry Baby, you little cutie pie! What will you do with your cash prize?”

Ying Bao smiled sweetly at the camera before saying, “I wanted to use the money to buy the best Daddy in the world, so Mommy and I can live happily ever after wi

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