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“I had to defend myself,” said Xu Xiyan with a helpless look on a face. She took out her phone and handed it to Ye Xun. “Help me take all his clothes off and take a nude photo of him.”

“What? A nude photo?”

Ye Xun’s eyes were wide with surprise. He could not even begin to describe his feelings of shock and confusion—why did Xu Xiyan want him to take a photo of the fat bastard?

“Yes! Hurry up and take the photo!”


Ye Xun swallowed heavily. He now knew that he had been underestimating Xu Xiyan the entire time.

He had come to rescue her after receiving the supreme order, and had envisioned many different scenarios along the way, all of which involved Xu Xiyan being too helpless to fight off the bad guy. He had thought it would be an excellent opportunity for him to impress Xu Xiyan with his fighting skills—he would be her knight in shining armor, and maybe, just maybe, she would be persuaded to see him in a different light.

But Xu Xiyan had not needed his help. She had dealt with the pervert with her bare hands.

Ye Xun wanted badly to tell her: Xu Xiyan, you make all of us men look weak and useless!

Xu Xiyan had been forced to save herself because she did not know that Huo Yunshen had sent Ye Xun to rescue her. She had been alone with no sign of help being on the way.

The very second Li Dazhuang pounced on her, she finally freed herself from the ropes.

It was too bad for Li Dazhuang—a free Xu Xiyan was an angry, I’ll-fight-to-the-death Xu Xiyan.

The disgusting pig had kicked her as she fought him off, causing her to hit a corner of the table and cut her forehead.

But Xu Xiyan had gotten back up and ruthlessly beat him into a pulp. As the finishing touch, she castrated him with a blade she had found.

She was satisfied. She had eradicated the “root” of the problem, so to speak. Li Dazhuang would never be able to harm women again!

Ye Xun was extremely reluctant to take naked photos of Li Dazhuang: the man’s figure—or lack thereof—was repulsive to look at. The disgusting sight was defiling his eyeballs.

But he could not refuse Xu Xiyan’s request, and ended up taking a large number of photos for her.

After handing the phone to her, he asked, “What are you going to do with the photos?”

“Keep them, of course… and savor them.”

Xu Xiyan smiled slyly.

Ye Xun: “…”

Ye Xun stared at the change in Xu Xiyan’s expression. What, was she into that kind of thing?

Xu Xiyan was only joking, of course. She wasn’t keeping the photos to admire her handiwork; they were her insurance, to keep Li Dazhuang from avenging himself.

If he had the balls to try to get back at her, she would publish his nudes.

Xu Xiyan then pulled another gutsy move. She kept the photos of Li Dazhuang in his full birthday suit, but sold the photo of his castration to an entertainment news outlet, earning herself an easy 50,000 Yuan.

Xu Xiyan went to the hospital, accompanied by Ye Xun, to get the

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