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The talent show ended with the humorous interview. Sitting in the audience was Huo Yunshen; he had once again put on a disguise to watch his daughter and Xu Xiyan perform on stage.

On the way home, Huo Yunshen gave Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao each a present.

Xu Xiyan received a beautiful bouquet of lavender roses. Lavender roses symbolized romance, true love, rarity, and uniqueness. The bouquet expressed how much Huo Yunshen loved and cherished her.

Ying Bao received an adorable doll made in her own image. It was custom-made, specially ordered by Huo Yunshen. This was the only one in the entire world.

“Wow…I love this present so, so much! Thanks, Daddy!”

Ying Bao was so happy she kissed Huo Yunshen on the cheek.

“I love my present, too. Thanks, Uncle.”

Xu Xiyan kissed him on his other cheek.

Huo Yunshen’s heart swelled with happiness with each grateful kiss.

There was nothing more rewarding than a kiss from the woman he loved most.

Ying Bao heard her mother suddenly call her father “Uncle” and was puzzled. “Mommy, when did Daddy become your uncle?”

Like most children, Ying Bao was too young to understand the other, much more adult meaning of “Uncle.” Xu Xiyan patiently explained: “Oh, that’s because Daddy is a few years older than Mommy. That’s why Mommy can call Daddy Uncle!”

Ying Bao was a precocious child who was quick to apply what she had learned. She scratched her head and said, “Oh, I get it now. Daddy is a few years older than Mommy, so Mommy calls him Uncle. Daddy is many, many years older than me—can I call Daddy Big Uncle?”

Ying Bao was pleased with the title she had just come up with. “Big Uncle, Big Uncle…”

“Hahaha… no, not Big Uncle (Da Lao Shu). You should call him Old Uncle (Lao Da Shu)!”

Xu Xiyan laughed so hard her stomach hurt.

Huo Yunshen: “…”

Was it Big Uncle (Da Lao Shu) or Old Uncle (Lao Da Shu)?

Big Uncle (Da Lao Shu) sounded a lot like Big Mouse (Da Lao Shu)…

Huo Yunshen could not muster the strength to correct them. He wondered if their relentless teasing about his age was actually aging him for real…

Huo Yunshen looked at the open joy on their faces, and his heart softened. So what if they called him “Grandpa” next? He would gladly accept his fate with a smile and happy tears in his eyes.

After the talent show, Xu Xiyan returned to the set for “Root of Evil” and shot seven consecutive fight scenes with the villain, played by the secondary male lead, Ma Haodong.

Neither of them held back. By the time they were done with the fight scenes, they were both completely exhausted.

Ma Haodong collapsed onto a recliner, too tired to move.

Xu Xiyan walked over to him and handed him a bottle of water. Ma Haodong accepted it and thanked her.

“What’s wrong, Brother Dong? You seem a little off today,” asked Xu Xiyan as she sat on the recliner next to him.

Throughout the day’s shoot, Ma Haodong had made a lot of careless mistakes,

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