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Chapter 900: Let Her Do Whatever She Wants At His House

Huo Sanyan could not hold back her emotions anymore and let out a sigh. After that, as though she had thought of something, she blinked her eyes a few times and tears began to fall.

“What happened? Tell me, Third Sister!”

This was the first time Xu Xiyan saw Huo Sanyan shed tears. This happy-go-lucky woman had always lived a carefree life, entertaining all human beings with her simple-mindedness. People had long forgotten that she was also a woman who could shed tears.

Huo Sanyan wiped her tears away, choking as she asked, “Jing Xi, do you think I’m really terrible? Am I not feminine at all? Is everything I do annoying?”

Xu Xiyan took her hand and comforted her sincerely, “Not at all! You are very adorable, Third Sister!”

“But… I’ve worked so hard. Why does Young Master Ye still not like me?”

Huo Sanyan could never understand this no matter how much she tried.

“How could he not? If my second senior does not like you, why would he let you stay at his house and let you do whatever you want?”

In Xu Xiyan’s view, Ye Xun should have already accepted Huo Sanyan. It was just that he tended to behave proud and aloof; he would never admit his feelings.

“But…” Huo Sanyan’s tears fell again. “I found out that… Young Master Ye seems to have another woman outside.”

Ye Xun had a woman outside?

How come Xu Xiyan didn’t know about this?

“Third Sister, you must be mistaken. My second senior does not have any other woman!”

“I saw it. He was hugging a pretty girl…”

As long as Huo Sanyan thought of that scene, she would feel very upset. She felt like she had already fallen out of love.

Otherwise, why was Ye Xun always so fierce towards her? It turned out that he liked another woman.

“Huh? Tell me in more detail. Where did you see them?”

Huo Sanyan told Xu Xiyan that when she had gone to the hospital during the day to look for Ye Xun, she inadvertently saw him hugging a girl.

After she finished, Xu Xiyan couldn’t help but laugh. “Hahaha! Third Sister, you’ve really misunderstood my second senior!”

“I was mistaken?” Huo Sanyan asked, puzzled.

“Yeah, it’s a long story. I haven’t had the chance to tell you. It’s like this…”

Xu Xiyan told Huo Sanyan everything about how Ye Xun had saved Dr. Ni Jianghe during a mission and had accidentally found out that Ni Xuelin was his little sister who had been separated from him for twenty years.

After listening to Xu Xiyan’s explanation, Huo Sanyan wiped away the tears on her face, slapped her thighs, stood up and exclaimed excitedly, “So she turned out to be his little sister! Oh my god! I wasted half a day wallowing in my sorrows! How could I misunderstand my very own Young Master Ye? I knew it! He is not the kind of man who is half-hearted!”

After the misunderstanding was clarified, Huo Sanyan was once again fully pumped up as though she was on steroids. She got ready to leave.

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