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“Just stop asking.” Xiao Yuqian stopped Xu Xiyan as she did not feel like talking about the kid.

It was a matter between Xiao Yuqian and Ma Haodong, Xu Xiyan felt that it was best if she left the matter to them.

Xu Xiyan believed that the matter would be settled one day.

Xu Xiyan went back to the Beauty of the World’s set after she left Jingyue Entertainment.

The filming continued after the two main cast members returned.

The first scene they were going to shoot in the morning was between Xu Xiyan and Mu Chenguang’s characters. Wen Zhenting was going to confess to Yun Qingge.

The story had come to the part where Yin Qingge poisons the emperor and leaves him lying in bed, unable to move.

While the emperor is ill, Yun Qingge takes over the administration, and the prime minister, Wen Zhenting, offers his assistance to her.

Even though Yun Qingge is after the emperor’s life, she still cares about the people of the empire and does not have the heart to destroy their lives.

Because of this, she has the chance to show her ability in managing a country, and she attracts Wen Zhenting’s attention.

Wen Zhenting has already learned about her original intention. She enters the palace because she wants revenge for the man she loved, even if it means getting blood on her hands and ending up a traitor.

And that garners Wen Zhenting’s attention towards her.

Yun Qingge is going through documents in the night, and Wen Zhenting lays a robe over her.

“The night is cold, you should keep yourself warm,” Wen Zhenting says.

“Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister.”


“Yes?” Yun Qingge replies without thinking and raises her head, looking at Wen Zhenting in surprise. “What…”

She wonders why Wen Zhenting called her by her name.

“Do you remember the green teenager that was with you at the West Mountain Lake?”

It was a long time ago, but Yun Qingge still remembers vividly the boy that she saved from drowning years ago and nods.

“Wait, don’t tell me…”

“Yes. I’m that boy. My life is yours. I only have one wish in this life, and that is when you decided to leave all these behinds, I’m willing to abandon all the fame and fortune and live with you forever,” Wen Zhenting confesses.

Yun Qingge is stunned by the sudden confession and remains silent until Wen Zhenting continues, “Are you willing to spend the rest of your life with me?”

“Cut!” Huang Guoqiang shouted.

Xu Xiyan went back to her resting room, and Mu Chenguang caught up with her.

“What’s wrong, Mr. Prime Minister? Are you lost?” Xu XIyan asked.

“No, I need a favor,” Mu Chenguang said as he pulled up a chair for himself.

“What’s that?”

“Can you lend me Little Wan Dou?”

“What? Come again?”

“Your assistant, Wan Dou. Can she become my assistant?” Mu Chenguang asked again while he scratched his head awkwardly. “You have two yourself, give me one.”

Xu Xiyan finally realized Mu Chenguang’s intention. He’d

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