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Chapter 921: I Have Someone In Mind

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Before Helian Wei could even finish scolding his son, Helian Qingyu had already run off to sit beside Xu Xiyan and chat like old friends.

“Qinyu, do you know Miss Jing?” Helian Wei asked in surprise.

“Yes,” Helian Qingyu replied as he raised an eyebrow. “She’s the girl who saved me at the bar a few months back.”

“Oh?” Helian Wei was really surprised by the news. He never expected that Xu Xiyan had saved his son’s life, too.

By saving his and Helian Qingyu’s lives, she should now be the benefactor of the Helian family.

The news only made Helian Wei more eager to match her with his son.

“Then, why don’t you invite her to dance?” Helian Wei asked his son.

Yun Xuerou noticed that her husband was trying to bring them together and quickly said, “Son, why don’t you go and greet those maidens waiting down there? You should show your manners.”

Yun Xueruo meant that there were still many girls down there waiting for him.

“Mother, they’re your guests, not mine,” Helian Qingyu said. “Father’s proposal is great, but I can’t have the first dance with Miss Jing.”

“And why’s that?” Helian Wei asked.

“Because… because I have someone in mind.”

Helian Qingyu was just trying to lie his way through, but when he talked about it, all he could think of was Li Ruochu’s face.

“Oh? And who’s that?” Yun Xuerou asked in excitement, wondering who had caught the eye of her son.

“I can’t say yet. You’ll know when the guest is here.”

Li Ruochu was just an excuse for Helian Qingyu. He always knew that they would never have feelings for each other and would always remain as master and servant bound by a contract.

Just as he finished his words, one of the servants shouted, “A guest has arrived!”

Everyone looked towards the door and saw a man of tall posture walking through the door with sturdy stride.

Helian Qingyu went to welcome him, and they nodded to each other before heading to where the President was sitting.

Almost every maiden was staring at the man, wondering about his identity.

“I know him!” one of the guests suddenly shouted. “He’s the Movie King, Elvis!”

As soon as the guest identified Huo Yunshen, all the girls shrieked at the same time.

“It really is Elvis! Oh my god! Is he friends with the General?”

“Is it just me or does the General seems like a good match with Elvis?”

One was the cool God, while the other was a seducing elf.

With the strong aura that they gave off, there was no way that they would look bad together.

When Xu Xiyan noticed Huo Yunshen was there, it was as if she had gone into a fantasy.

When did he arrive? Xu Xiyan wondered. And since when did he get so close with the General?

The people that were shocked the most were Helian Wei and Yun Xuerou. They had just heard from their son that he has someone he likes and now an exceptional person appe

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