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Not long after Huo Yunshen downed two glasses of wine, he felt overwhelmed by the alcohol and began to feel a little dizzy. He shook his head to keep himself awake, but felt heat quickly flowing all over his body towards his abdomen.

He looked at his wife again and felt his tongue go dry. There was a strong impulse in his head urging him to tear her clothes, and, on the spot…

Huo Yunshen didn’t realize that he was drugged. He only thought it was due to him drinking two glasses of wine too quickly.

At this time, he thought that he was becoming drunk and he was worried that he would lose his composure, so he made an excuse to leave. “Thank you for your hospitality tonight. I’m going to take Jing Xi back now. See you again next time.”

After finishing his words, Huo Yunshen took Xu Xiyan’s hand and headed out of the presidential palace to look for his car.

“Eh… why did they leave just like that?”

Helian Qingyu had not chatted with them enough. It was a pity that they had left suddenly.

Before he could go and convince them to stay, he suddenly felt that something was not right with his body. There was a feeling of restlessness all over his body.

He looked down at himself, not knowing where the problem was. Then he looked at his empty glass, feeling puzzled. He had only drank one glass of wine… and he was already drunk?

As he thought of a possibility, his eyes narrowed.

Was there someone trying to plot against him?

Someone who had deliberately spiked his wine?

As he thought of this, Helian Qingyu had no choice but to leave this place before the drug took full effect.

At this time, only Lan Ling-Er and Helian Qingyu were left in the gazebo.

Lan Ling-Er saw that Helian Qingyu looked unwell and he was beginning to have difficulties walking straight. She guessed that the drug had taken effect. She promptly stepped forward to help support him. She asked, “General, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

He had always hated the touch of a woman. If it weren’t for the sake of dancing, he wouldn’t have asked Lan Ling-Er to dance with him.

Helian Qingyu had already contacted his men to come pick him up. When Lan Ling-Er tried to get close to him, he lifted his hand without thinking to wave to his men, directly pushing her away.

It wasn’t a big deal pushing her away—until she lost her balance. Her high heels tripped on the threshold of the gazebo, and she began to fall backward helplessly.



Unfortunately, Lan Ling-Er fell into the water, sending up a big wave.

It was only a blunder and Helian Qingyu had not deliberately pushed her into the water. Fortunately, at this time, his men hurried over and he quickly ordered them to rescue her from the water.

He left the gazebo and got his adjutant to send him back to his mountain villa.

Lan Ling-Er could not swim. She thrashed around in the water for a long time before she was rescued. She had drank a lot of wat

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