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Chapter 913: A Different Person

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Xu Xiyan tried to unbuckle her seatbelt to get out from the car but was stopped by Helian Qingyu.

He got out of the car and opened her door for her.

Not only was Xu Xiyan shocked by his action, but even his assistants were also shocked by him too. It was as if he was a different person.

It showed how important Xu Xiyan was to him.

Helian Qingyu even helped her with her seatbelt, a generosity that a general should not have given.

And just as Xu Xiyan was about to head inside, the man stopped her again and said, “I have a dinner at my place tomorrow night; it would be my pleasure if you could attend it.”

“I’m sorry, but my schedule is full tomorrow. Thank you for the invitation.”

Xu Xiyan said what she wanted to say and left quickly.

Helian Qingyu stood near his car and stared at Xu Xiyan leaving. He had no idea why, but it felt like she was someone important to him.

Even though they’d only met three times, he felt like he’d known her longer.

He tried to invite her to the dinner out of his gratitude for her saving his life but was rejected.

But since there was still time, he thought of inviting her the next time.

After waking up from his thoughts, Helian Qingyu left. Little did he know, a paparazzo had captured the moment he helped Xu Xiyan with her seatbelt.

Xu Xiyan was busy the whole day and had no idea a scandal had spread out through Estan.

[General Helian’s Mysterious Girlfriend!] was the title.

Under the news was a picture that barely showed Xu Xiyan’s face

But the news was enough to cause a huge uproar.

Helian Qingyu was like an idol in Estan, a person that many maidens dreamt of.

He was a man that governed all the soldiers in Estan, and girls would drool over him in his uniform.

When Helian Qingyu called the President’s mansion to let them know that he’d be bringing his female partner, they were all happy he had finally found someone.

The filming for that day ended and Xu Xiyan was exhausted.

“Let’s go for dinner together. It’s my treat!” Huang Guoqiang suggested.

Almost everyone was excited, except for Xu Xiyan. The only thing she could think of was finding a place to crash

It might be because of her falling asleep late last night, but the day had felt extra tiring to her.

“Hey! Look at this! Doesn’t this look like Jing Xi?” someone suddenly shouted.

Everyone looked at the person’s phone and then back at Jing Xi. The person in the photo really looked like her.

Some of them even showed Jing Xi the photo.

Who else could this be? Xu Xiyan sighed in her head. How did they even get this?

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