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Chapter 897: Holding Hands Under the Table

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“Here, meats will make you grow tall faster,” Huo Xun said as he placed a piece of drumstick in Ying Bao’s bowl.

“No, you should have more greens!” Jing Huaduo argued as he placed varieties of greens in the little girl’s bowl.

“What’s wrong with me? Are you going to deny everything I do?” Huo Xun asked.

“What? I did it for the kid, not you!” Jing Huaduo scolded back.

Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen looked at each other helplessly as their grandfathers were about to fight again.

“Great-grandpa! Great-grandfather! Are you both still three years old? Why are you two always arguing?” Ying Bao asked.

Ying Bao words made them blush, as even a little kid treated them like one.

“Ying Bao, out of the two of us, who do you like the most?” Huo Xun asked.

Jing Huaduo wanted to know the answer too.

Ying Bao rolled her eyes and placed the drumstick in Jing Huaduo’s bowl and the greens in Huo Xun’s bowl.

“If both of you eat quietly, then I like both of you,” Ying Bao said. “But if you don’t, then I will hate both of you.”

“…” Both of the old men were stunned and kept their mouths shut.

“Dad, come on,” Huo Zhen suddenly said. “You were best friends when you were young, shouldn’t the past stay in the past? At least do it for Yunshen and Jing Xi, and Ying Bao.”

Even Chen Yunlu tried to persuade Huo Xun. “He’s right. You taught me to let my past go, you should do that too. It’s hard for such a huge family to gather, and arguing will only ruin the atmosphere.”

Both of the old men had their heads down and remained silent.

Huo Yunshen handed them each a cup of wine and said, “Drink this and make the past stay in the past.”

If Huo Xun and Jing Huaduo still wouldn’t forgive each other after all those words, they would be a joke to the younger generations.Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

“Fine,” Huo Xun said as he raised his cup. “Let’s start over again.”

“I’ll forgive you since my granddaughter and great-granddaughter want me to,” Jing Huaduo said and raised his cup too.

They drank their wines and reconciled.

Ying Bao grabbed the old men’s hands and smiled. “With this, everyone is friends now!”

The old men laughed, and they began to talk to each other, saying things that they’d been keeping to themselves until then.

They even talked about Huo Yunshen, and Xu Xiyan’s wedding and Huo Xun suggested a traditional Chinses style wedding which Jing Huaduo agreed to.

It was as if they went back to the past when they were still best friends.

As they talked about the wedding, Xu Xiyan held Huo Yunshen’s hand under the table.

No matter what they decided, Xu XIyan and Huo Yunshen would be the ones to decide about the wedding.

Huo Yunshen would never forget that he still owed Xu Xiyan a huge wedding.

Dinner went really well on Huo Yunshen’s side. On the other hand, the Dark

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