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Chapter 903: Show Off

Xu Xiyan averted her eyes and looked at a cute little bow sitting in the same row. Because of her love for kids, she could not stop herself from smiling at the boy and waving at him. The boy replied with a shy smile and shifted into his mother’s arms.

Suddenly, Sha Labi called the air stewardess over and demanded that they be moved to first class, yet the pretty stewardess replied that the first class was fully booked.

“What do you mean fully booked? I always fly in first class!” Lan Ling’er scolded.

“Our apologies, but first class was chartered by one of our customers,” the stewardess explained.

“What? Who does he think he is? The president?”

“I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that because of the client confidentiality.”

In the end, Lan Ling’er could not get what she wanted and stayed at her original place with an angry expression.

As soon as the plane ascended over the troposphere, Xu Xiyan began to read her script.

Lan Ling’er was still in a bad mood. She blamed her assistant for not doing her job properly and herself for not checking if Xu Xiyan was flying on the same day as her.

Lan Ling’er was on her way back to Estan for an advertisement audition, and she wondered what Xu Xiyan was heading there for.

She was worried that Xu Xiyan was also there for the audition.

She’d already heard that Xu Xiyan had taken advertising spots from other people on more than one occasion.

But her worries disappeared a few moments later as it was her homeland they were talking about. There was no way a famed person like her should be afraid of some actress from Zstan with no fame in Estan.

Yet, to prevent any accidents, Lan Ling’er decided to take some precautions.

She touched the diamond bracelet on her arm and secretly thought of a plan.

3 hours after the plane has ascended, one of the stewardesses came running out from the first class, asking if there was any doctor as one of the passengers in the first class had a heart attack.

Yet no doctor was on board the plane.

The passengers had no idea who the person was, but they knew that if a heart attack occurred during flight and was not treated immediately, it could prove fatal.

The cabin crew even used the broadcasting system to look for doctors, but there was still no reply.

At first, Xu Xiyan was listening to her headphones, so she did not hear the stewardess, but she heard it when they used the broadcasting system.

“I practice a little medicine, will that help?” Xu Xiyan asked weakly as she raised her hand.

“Yes, please follow me!” the stewardess said.

Xu Xiyan took her tools with her and went to the first class cabin.

Lan Ling’er noticed that Xu Xiyan was the one who volunteered and couldn’t help but laugh at what a showy person Xu Xiyan was.

She couldn’t believe that Xu Xiyan had the nerve to cure someone.

But it was an excellent opportunity for her. If Xu Xiyan could not cure the patien

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