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“Why did you try to frame her?” Lan Ling’er scolded.

“…” Sha Labi remained quiet as she looked at Lan Ling’er while resting her palm on her cheek where Lan Ling’er had slapped her.

Lan Ling’er was the one who had ordered her to do so, but she also knew that Lan Ling’er needed someone to take the fall.

“I’m sorry…” Sha Labi cried. “I just wanted to give her a hard time because of her arrogance…”

The case was closed, and Lan Ling’er got her bracelet back while Sha Labi was being bad-mouthed by everyone on the plane.

But some also talked about how it was impossible for Sha Labi to act alone.

The plane landed at the airport in Estan’s capital city, Linshi. Xu Xiyan thanked the little boy before they left the plane.

She even gave the boy her number, telling him that he could contact her if he ever wanted any present.

As for Lan Ling’er, as soon as she left the plane, she called the cops to avoid any backfires. The cops were already at the airport when they passed through the custom, and Sha Labi was taken into custody.

The case finally came to an end, and Lan Ling’er managed to maintain her image.

Since the incident did not directly affect Xu Xiyan, she just let it slide.

Xu Xiyan followed the crew straight to the hotel.

After getting used to the jet-lag, they began filming the next day.

The first scene that they would shoot was in the evening, where the female protagonist, Jing Ruyue, met with the injured male protagonist played by Shu Ji.

Jing Ruyue saved the man and hid him in the forest while she tried to divert the attention of the soldiers who were after the man.

That was how the story of a smart woman meeting with a man with secrets began.

Since the crews were too into the filming, they did not notice a bulletproof limousine stopping not far away from them. The window was rolled down, and a man looked at them.

Even though the man had no idea where the crew came from, the scene they were shooting reminded him of how he met with his Xiao Yueliang.

The memory of how a woman saved him from being pursued was still clear in his head.

Le Xiu noticed that their President was staring at one of the actresses and seemed interested in the girl who saved his life.

If wasn’t until the crew finished their first scene that Helian Wei ordered his driver to start the car.

“Mr. President, that girl…” Le Xiu said.

“Can you get her to meet with me?”

Le Xiu instantly understood that the President had fallen for the girl.

Xu Xiyan went straight back to the hotel after the shooting ended that day.

But just as she was about to open the door to her room, a shadow appeared from behind.

She tried to defend herself with her instinct, but she wasn’t fast enough and was knocked out.

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