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Since Xiao Yu’s mother had bad eyesight, Xu Xiyan had to take care of her.

After promising Xiao Yu’s mother that she would take care of the little girl, Xu Xiyan rushed out the door with Xiao Yu in her arms.

Xu Xiyan ran to the parking spot, straight towards the car that Lan Ling’er was sleeping in and woke her up.

Xu Xiyan told Lan Ling’er that there was an emergency and she wanted to borrow their car.

Yet Lan Ling’er wouldn’t lend her the car, and Xu Xiyan could only put Xiao Yu in the back seat before pulling Sha Labi out of the car, pushing her into the back and driving away.

“Jing Xi! Do you even know what you’re doing?” Lan Ling’er scolded from the backseat.

“I’m trying to save a life! If you still want to be a nuisance, I’ll kick you out of the car!” Xu Xiyan threatened.

Lan Ling’er immediately shut her mouth after being intimidated by Xu Xiyan.

She looked outside and noticed it was still dark. The only light they had was from the headlights, shining on the path that was narrow, with steep cliffs on the side.

“Do you even know where the hospital is?” Lan Ling’er asked, afraid that Xu Xiyan would accidentally plunge the car down the cliff.

“We have to find it!”

Xu Xiyan followed her memory and drove the car towards the town.

They drove past a forest where it was raining, and it looked like the rain was about to get worse.

As the rain hit the car, the path in front of Xu Xiyan became blurry. Xu Xiyan grabbed onto the wheel tightly to prevent the car from sliding.

“Hey, did you even notice the rain? Are you still trying to get out in this bad weather?”

“Shut the hell up! One more word from you and I’ll drive the car down the cliff!”

And that shut Lan Ling’er up.

She suddenly heard a loud rumble from behind and turned to look, only to see trees being pushed down the hill.

“Hey! There’s a landslide behind us!” Lan Ling’er shouted.

Lan Ling’er was furious. She’d thought of killing Xu Xiyan more than once, but she never expected that she would go down with Xu XIyan too.

The most tragic part was that a huge fallen tree branch was blocking their path.

“Hey, go and move the branch!” Xu Xiyan shouted.

“Why me?”

“There’s a problem with the car, and I can’t let my foot off the brake! If you hesitate any longer, the landslide will swallow us!”

Xu XIyan had already noticed that the landslide was getting worse and was closing in on their car.

Without any choice, Lan Ling’er left the car and ran towards the branch.

Just as she was trying to pull the branch to the side, the landslide swallowed the car.

Xu Xiyan tried to push the door open, but it wouldn’t budge.

Only a small part of the windshield wasn’t blocked by dirt, and Xu Xiyan knocked on the windshield asking Lan Ling’er to help them. But before Lan Ling’er could even react, the whole car was swallowed up.

She knew that if she ran over and dug part of the dirt away, she could save the

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