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So, it was settled. In addition to offering himself to play the first male lead, Huo Yunshen would also bring funding into the production, sponsoring all the expenses of the production crew.

This was probably the first time Huo Yunshen had humbled himself to ask for a role in a movie since his debut.

It was all for his own little wife. How laudable!

At Jingyue Entertainment.

After returning from the mountain areas, Xu Xiyan took time to drop by the company to meet with Xiao Yuqian.

“President Xiao, I want to cancel my product endorsement with ROSUE. Please help me settle this!”

“You want to cancel ROSUE’s?” Xiao Yuqian was so shocked that her jaw almost fell to the ground. “Why? You’ve just canceled LK’s, and now you want to cancel ROSUE’s?”

“Yes, please help me settle this.”

Xu Xiyan had only taken a total of two advertising and endorsing contracts. But these two advertising and endorsing contracts were both obtained after many difficulties and they were both excellent endorsements which would greatly help with her reputation.

LK’s endorsement contract was terminated because Xiao Yuqian had received instructions from her boss to do so. But right now, her boss had not given her any instructions to terminate ROSUE’s.

Only Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen knew the reasons very well, and Xu Xiyan had thought it through thoroughly before coming to this decision.

Now, ROSUE had become Mo Yutian’s company. If Xu Xiyan did not want to have anything to do with Mo Yutian, then the best thing to do was to withdraw from being ROSUE’s endorser.

Although Huo Yunshen had yet to have time to settle this for her after bringing her back from the mountains, she could only do so much as his wife.

It was because she loved him, cared about him, and she didn’t want to cause any more trouble. So Xu Xiyan had firmly decided to give up the endorsement.

If it wasn’t for Mo Yutian, she actually liked the ROSUE brand very much.

“Well, okay then. Leave this matter to me.”

Since Xu Xiyan had already decided, Xiao Yuqian believed that her boss would respect his wife’s decision. Xiao Yuqian would handle this matter with full authority.

At this moment, Xiao Yuqian’s phone rang. She picked up her phone, but her finger had accidentally pressed the “Answer” button before she saw the caller ID.

“Mommy! What’re you doing?”

A cute and childish voice suddenly came out from the phone speakers, startling Xiao Yuqian. She hastily pressed the screen of the phone in a fluster to end the call. After the call was terminated, she breathed a sigh of relief.

When she looked up, she saw Xu Xiyan staring at her unblinkingly. Xiao Yuqian broke into an awkward smile.

Xu Xiyan had already heard the voice and she could tell it was that of a child. Furthermore, the child had called Xiao Yuqian “Mommy.” Don’t tell her that… the thing Xiao Yuqian had been hiding all along was this?

“Sister Qianqian, that voice just no

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