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“This is not my home. This is just where I live.”

Li Ruochu did not specifically explain that the property here belonged to Helian Qingyu, and by staying here, it was equivalent to semi-free imprisonment to her.

During this time, Helian Qingyu had returned to the army, so she dared to bring Jing Xi back without fear.

There were a lot of rooms in the mansion, but it was rare for Li Ruochu to have a friend over and she wanted to chat with Jing Xi. So the two slept in the same bed in the largest room at night.

“Sister Ruochu, last time you left in a hurry and I didn’t have the chance to ask you. What is going on between you and General Helian? I’m very curious!”

Xu Xiyan should not inquire about other people’s personal affairs, but, everyone has a heart of a gossiper. Now that she had come to Estan, she would naturally ask about this matter.

“He and I? What can I say? Sigh, it’s a long story.”

On a comfortable night, Xu Xiyan listened to Li Ruochu talk tirelessly about her story with Helian Qingyu.

In a nutshell, she and Helian Qingyu had known each other since a long time ago. Due to a certain reason, the two had a short-term secret marriage.

She knew that Helian Qingyu did not love her. Especially after he had met a girl he liked, he proposed a divorce.

But the man was very strange. After the divorce, he forbade her to show herself in public and kept her in his care in this mansion.

In fact, Li Ruochu really hoped that Helian Qingyu would free her. What’s the point of staying bound to each other without love?

After listening to Li Ruochu, Xu Xiyan was incredulous. She didn’t expect that the story between the two was quite complicated.

“Sister Ruochu, I think General Helian still cares about you! Otherwise, he would not keep you around.”

“Impossible! He only did it for his face and male ego.” Li Ruochu could vouch for it. “Jing Xi, do you know? He never liked me before. The girl he likes is the girl who once saved him at the Vikio bar.”


“You mean… me?” Xu Xiyan asked, pointing at her own nose, cursing to herself several times inwardly. What the f*ck… What the f*ck… What the f*ck…

“Yeah, and he finally found you when he went to Zstan last time.”

When Li Ruochu said this, a faint emotion surged from her heart. She couldn’t tell whether it was despair, envy, or something else.


Xu Xiyan was silent. From Li Ruochu’s words, it was difficult not to hear that she still had feelings for Helian Qingyu, but she was sad that Helian Qingyu’s heart was not on her.

“However, you don’t have to worry as I already have a husband and a child. I’m a married person and I’ll never flirt with other men. But as for you, you can still seize the opportunity and win his heart!”

If Helian Qingyu had fallen in love with Xu Xiyan just because she had saved his life, that would be very unrealistic.

Xu Xiyan still felt that Li Ruochu and Helian Qingyu were very suitable for each

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