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Chapter 918: The Most Important Person Is Still Missing

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Was there any correlation between the embroidery of a white camellia flower on Lady White Tea’s cuffs and the one on the First Lady before her?

At this time, there was no time to think about other things. Xu Xiyan was honored to shake hands with the First Lady.

Yun Xuerou nodded and smiled at her, her eyes showing her praise for her.

However, no one knew that a storm was roiling inside her heart.

She looked at the girl in front of her whose face was quite similar to Jing Ruyue’s and became even more suspicious. Had Jing Ruyue kept the truth from her and given birth to a daughter secretly?

Had Helian Wei found out something?

In order to know more about Jing Xi, she took Jing Xi’s hand and said kindly to her, “In any case, you’re the savior of the Helian family and you deserve the seat of honor. Come with me.”

Like a good wife, Yun Xuerou led Jing Xi back to her seat and arranged for Jing Xi to sit next to her.

On the surface, Yun Xuerou looked amiable, but in fact, she was despising Jing Xi very much. Especially when she touched Jing Xi’s tender little hand and looked at her youthful and beautiful appearance, she could not help but be reminded of that woman more than twenty years ago.

Lan Ling-Er, who was standing among the other guests looking up at them, could not think properly anymore. She felt that her brain was not working hard enough or there might even be problems with her eyes.

She saw the president and his wife come down personally to welcome Jing Xi and take her up to the seats of honor. She simply couldn’t believe her eyes.

She really wanted to know what kind of things Jing Xi had done that the President and the First Lady were being so courteous to her?

Almost all of the banquet guests had already arrived. Now, the only one missing was the most important person of the event.

Yun Xuerou did not see her son arriving and told Helian Wei to send someone to bring him back. Helian Wei could only tell Jin Xiu to contact him again.

Meanwhile, at another place, an impromptu shooting competition was taking place at a shooting gallery.

The two competitors who were having a showdown were Helian Qingyu and Huo Yunshen.

The competition started. Helian Qingyu lifted his gun, aimed at the bull’s eye and fired five shots in succession. Bang-bang-bang-bang-bang!

Soon the results were announced. Three of Helian Qingyu’s five shots scored the highest score of 10.9 while the other two shots scored 10.7 and 10.8.

“Woooooow… the General is amazing!”

“If it isn’t the god of sharpshooters!”

“They were too precise! Great shots!”

There were a lot of spectators around the venue and they were all cheering for Helian Qingyu.

He was really impressive to be able to score such results. At least for now, very few people had been able to surpass his record.


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