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Chapter 864: Such An Inside Story

Huo Yijing referred to the fact that there were still some discordant voices in the outside world, questioning Huo Yunshen’s ability in that “aspect.”

They were suspecting that his “ability” had not recovered after his legs were healed.

“Okay, understood, Big Sister.”

In fact, Xu Xiyan had also occasionally heard those rumors, and it was indeed affecting Huo Yunshen negatively.

Huo Yijing was right. As long as they had another child, those rumors would break on their own.

However, since she and Huo Yunshen had been together, she had said that she didn’t want any more children for the time being. Huo Yunshen had always respected her and he would take protective measures every time.

Now, Xu Xiyan felt that she may have been a bit selfish. She was always thinking about acting and thus ignored some important things in life.

Maybe she should really hurry up with her second child.

After a pleasant weekend at the Huo family mansion, the couple went home with their child. As soon as they arrived at Shengshi Yujing, Xu Xiyan took her daughter to look for Tang Feimo.

“Go play with Brother Feimo!”

Xu Xiyan sent the child to the door of Tang Yichen’s house. It was Tang Feimo who opened the door.

Seeing that Ying Bao had come, Tang Feimo took her hand happily. “Cherry! I was just missing you and then you came! Come in!”

Ying Bao shook off her shoes and ran straight into the house with Tang Feimo as fast as a rabbit released on the grass.

At this time, Liang Lan came out of the house and noticed that Xu Xiyan was there. She got her a pair of slippers and said, “Come in and sit! It’s rare of you to come to my house!”

Xu Xiyan felt it was impolite to just leave. She could only change her shoes and enter the house. She looked around, asking, “Is your husband not around?”

“He’s not here. He is on a business trip abroad and he has not yet returned.”


Xu Xiyan looked around the environment of Tang Yichen’s home and noticed some photos hanging on the wall.

They were photos of the handsome Tang Yichen and also the beautiful and generous Liang Lan, recording moments from the time they were dating until they were married with their child.

There were also family portraits of the whole Tang family.

Looking at the photos one by one, Xu Xiyan finally asked curiously, “Sister Lan, aren’t Tang Yichen and Mr. Tang Nade twin brothers? How come I don’t see Mr. Tang Nade in the family portraits?

“Pfft…” Liang Lan snickered.

“Why are you laughing?”

“If I told you that Tang Yichen never had a twin brother, would you be angry?”

Liang Lan really didn’t want to continue lying to her, so she simply told her the truth.

“So, what you mean is… Tang Nade doesn’t exist at all?”

Liang Lan smiled as she explained, “That’s right! Actually, my husband is the only child in his family. That Mr. Tang Nade was only a guise by him and he only manages Ji

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