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Lan Ling-Er analyzed smugly.

Sha Labi was worried. “Miss, what if someone dies? Will the young master come after us?”

“What are you afraid of? Even if that woman is bitten to death, can my brother still bear to kill me? Don’t worry, he would not trace it back to us! We only have to take care of their corpses tomorrow morning.”

Feeling pleased, Lan Ling-Er turned off the lights for Sha Labi and went to sleep.

As they slept till after midnight, a hissing noise came within the room. When Sha Labi turned over in her bed, she felt something cool and slippery with her hand.

Instinctively, she flung that thing away, but her hand was bitten by it. “Aaaaaaaah!”

Hearing the screams, Lan Ling-Er turned on the light and saw Sha Labi grabbing onto her arm, shaking her hand in pain.

The two women looked down under the bed. Oh my god! There were a bunch of snakes under the bed! They were slithering all over the place, some trying to climb onto the bed.


How come there are so many snakes?

Lan Ling-Er screamed in terror and picked up a pillow to whack at the snakes that tried to climb up.

And then, the two women hugged each other in fear, standing on the bed and shouting loudly for help.

It was a pity that Lan Ling-Er’s bodyguards were also outside the village stockade and were too far to come to their immediate aid. In the end, their shouts had woken Shen Mengyuan up. She came over to check on them and, after seeing their room was full of snakes, she contacted staff from the hope and charity team.

After the snakes in their room were all caught, Lan Ling-Er and Sha Labi had been so terrified that they had already fainted on the ground.

Lan Ling-Er had been so scared that she had peed in her pants. This was the first time such a shameful thing had happened to her.

In the next room, Xu Xiyan and the two girls did not get up to watch the fun at all. The three of them were sleeping very well.

The next day, they got up at dawn and met Lan Ling-Er and Sha Labi at breakfast. The two of them looked even more wretched than before.

Sha Labi had been bitten by a snake. Although it was not a poisonous snake, it still greatly traumatized her.

Xu Xiyan heard that the two had slept in the car of the hope and charity team last night and they had not dared to go back to the house.

Xu Xiyan exchanged glances with Wandou and Ni Xuelin. They were all thinking the same three words: Serves them right!

Last night, they had decided to return the favor. When the two had fallen asleep, Xu Xiyan, Wandou and Ni Xuelin took flashlights and went to a nearby forest stream to catch a lot of native snakes.

Then, they secretly released them all into Lan Ling-Er’s room, letting them experience the thrill of being attacked by poisonous snakes too.

Now, Lan Ling-Er dared not use snakes again. As long as snakes were mentioned or brought to mind, she would shudder at the thought.

After bre

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