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Wasn’t the story between the male main character, Qin Yishen, and the female main character, Lin Ruyi, the story between him and Jing Xi?

Huo Yunshen remembered something. He often saw his own little wife typing at the computer at night. Whenever he came up to her, she would mysteriously switch screens, preventing him from looking at what she had typed.

So, it turned out that she had been secretly writing their story as a novel!

What a big surprise. Huo Yunshen was so happy. To be able to become the main male character of his wife’s novel was a great honor.

Now that the novel had been adapted into a screenplay by Fang Xiaocheng, did it mean that they were going to make it into a film?

Huo Yunshen suddenly remembered what Xu Xiyan had said to him before. She had said that she hoped that he could return to the screen one day.

Could it be said that… this script was tailor-made for him?

As Huo Yunshen held the script in his hands, a completely new decision came to his mind.

Xu Xiyan woke up and opened her eyes. She saw her husband and daughter accompanying her in the ward.

“What’s that smell? It smells really good!”

Xu Xiyan had caught a whiff of the fragrance of food.

“Hungry? I’ve made delicious food.”

Huo Yunshen unfolded the overbed table, then took out the food from a thermos jar and placed it in front of her.

Seeing the exquisite and delicious food made by her husband, Xu Xiyan’s appetite was worked up. “Oh, my! Don’t you know? These few days in the countryside, I’ve missed your cooking the most.”

Xu Xiyan took a pair of chopsticks from him and took a big mouthful of food. She praised the food non-stop, “Mmm-mmm, good, good! This is so good! My husband’s cooking is still the best.”

The food was so delicious that she couldn’t help but eat faster and faster. Seeing that she was gorging on the food, Huo Yunshen said to her worriedly, “Slow down, don’t choke. I’ve made plenty.”

Before he could even finish his words, Xu Xiyan had already choked and she was thumping her chest.

“See! What did I say? I told you to slow down but you did not listen!”

Huo Yunshen hastily brought her water to drink and helped thump her back at the same time. Ying Bao imitated her father and helped her mother to thump her back too.

After Xu Xiyan drank some water, Ying Bao raised her little head and asked, “Are you feeling better, Mommy?”

“Yeah, I’m okay now. I’ll slow down next time.”

Though that was what came out of her mouth, she automatically started to speed up eating again when she picked up her rice bowl again. She was really, really hungry!

As Ying Bao observed the way her mother was eating, she remarked, “Mommy is eating so fast, just like Auntie Three-Eyes! Whenever Uncle Tree-Leaf sees her eating like that, he would say, ‘Oh! Is this a pig I’m feeding?’”

The little girl had even imitated Ye Xun’s tone and movements and the two adults exploded into laughter.

With the

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